How to create upvote/downvote gifs in After Effects

Working with objects in the project: 00:38 Working with keyframes: 04:45 Adding in rotation: 22:20 Adding object effects: 26:27 Rendering the footage: 38:00 …
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13 Responses to “How to create upvote/downvote gifs in After Effects”

  1. Elbio M. says:

    Fantastic video. I can’t wait to watch it again while I practice.
    Appreciate the effort you put forth here. ?

  2. blonde kirby says:

    if it says “unsupported file type” then go to your program files, go to
    where it says “adobe” click it then at the top right hand corner of the
    page, search up “GIF”
    after that, you’ll see results show up.

    from the results, find a plug-in icon that says GIF, take the gif plugin or
    preset thingy, copy it, and paste it in the after effects “plugin” in

    that’s what i did and it works for me! ?

  3. Filipsssable says:

    Thank You man !!!?

  4. Joshua Moon says:

    This is amazing. Previously I was doing these by manually moving the arrow
    in each frame using GIMP, so I’m sure this will save me a TON of time.?

  5. DrummerTurner says:

    Will this work with a wmv file? seems to be the only thing i can import

  6. freebullets says:

    Would you get a much higher quality end-result if you started with the
    actual video footage instead of a GIF?

  7. DrummerTurner says:

    What file extension does the image have to be? I’m trying to import a .gif
    but it’s saying it’s an unsupported file extension.

  8. xGerbil says:

    Is there any way to do this in Photoshop?

  9. RevivingSociety says:


  10. SlayerS_`MurmuR` says:

    If you are willing to edit the image file in every single frame one-by-one.

  11. RevivingSociety says:

    You could get Bandicam, you can resize a window to record only that
    section. There’s no way to get the recorder itself which kind of sucks

  12. IARECHAMP says:

    Solid instruction video.

  13. Doodle210 says:

    Just going to put this out there… I know this was made in 2012, but “Jif”

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