How to Create Professional Photoshop Actions

Photoshop actions are created by manually performing a series of steps and recording them in an ATN file. Actions can save a ton of time when you need to per… – Learn How to use DIV Tags and CSS to create advanced website layouts and CSS Menus in Dreamweaver. If you would like to define a websit…
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  1. FLORES1171 says:

    literally read my mind!! I was wondering about this yesterday :D?

  2. Lisa Noble says:

    Excellent! Actions have always been a little bit daunting to me… so I
    wouldn’t even try to create them. Now maybe I will use them on a regular

    Also, may I ask what app you are using to do your screen cast? I am
    thinking about using something like it to do website reviews for my web
    consulting business. You guys do such a great job of melding your video and
    screen casts together, I just wondered.?

  3. David Clark says:

    Hey Hey! Love all the PHLEARN TUTORIALS !!!! quick question…. Is there
    a way to create an action in CS6 that will work for all versions of
    Photoshop? I’ve created some that I really like, but am wondering if they
    will work in other versions of photoshop as well. Or in the future, how
    would I create them in the future for other versions. Thanks in advance!?

  4. Gavin West says:

    Do you have any advice for using actions more in the context of an
    architectural rendering? I have some steps that I do in every rendering,
    but they’re always slightly different. For example I start with a rendering
    of a building and have to photoshop in a sky around the building. Can you
    think of a way I’d make a standard action for that, even though the size of
    the image and shape of the building always vary? ?

  5. Dylan Callaghan says:

    +Phlearn Photoshop & Photography Tutorials I don’t think the vignette
    worked because you have to give it a selection?

  6. hamed mostafa says:

    I work in a studio in Egypt and i use actions a lot, i was wondering how to
    stop the action and set a new value in crop or selctive color and this
    help me a lot thanks very much for sharing.?

  7. barsatv22 says:

    Love this tutorial!!!! I liked when you explained about the high pass
    changing! 18:00?

  8. Cesar Martins says:

    love your tuts and tips, thanks a bunch for all the effort you take into
    doing them.
    I think you did not notice, but the link under the youtube description
    points to a 404:

  9. Adrian Wrath says:

    A tutorial on LIPS!!
    Making them better(smother), coloring them and other stuff you know, would
    be amazing! THANKS!?

  10. NoVision Productions says:

    Great Tutorial!?

  11. Supi Boonaphai says:

    I gave up creating action months ago because I didn’t use shortcut to
    select layer and everything was messing up, but you just saved my life. Sir
    You are always amazing. Thank You?

  12. Lala Mabaso says:

    Hey Aaron, for renaming the group – I wonder if it would work to hold “Alt”
    at the same time when holding “Cntrl-G” so that a dialog box comes up,
    which would let you rename the layer without having to double-click on the
    layer. 16:12?

  13. Özgür BÜYÜK says:

    Thank you so much for this great tutorial!?

  14. Johann Steffens says:

    Love your work!
    I knew a lot of photoshop, but now I’m learning more with the channel
    How do I send my ‘Portrait’ to perhaps attend the next ‘Portrait Contest
    You watch here from Brazil, and I have seen many photographers here
    watching you, congratulations on the excellent professional!?

  15. crihala says:

    You are so good man ! Thanks a lot for all the tutorials ! Greetings from
    Romania !?

  16. Akshay Reghu says:

    You people are literally amazing ! Videos are fun and informative 😀 .Thank
    you so much.:)?

  17. Bernabe Soriano says:

    I watched other videos on half humans half animal,but they don’t explain
    how to do it, can you please do a tutorial on how to do that ?

  18. DavidWP99 says:

    Who’s the dude in the photo?! He looks sooooo familiar!:O

  19. hectorianooo says:

    Great episode!! I’d really like to learn how to make a picture look the
    ones of Lady Gaga for the Versace campaign or any Mart&Marcus photography
    for that matter. Great channel, I just started watching your videos last
    week and I’m obssesed!?

  20. Carlos Irineu says:

    Aaron, your use of “positional displacement” by selecting next / previous
    layer won’t work every time, I think. It’s still a modal command. If I open
    a second action that needs, for example, to operate on a pixel layer for a
    Gaussian blur, it *needs* to know either where the “base” layer is (and
    that can be a group or the background or any other image layer) … so….
    I thought about using a layer filter, like “Kind = pixel layer” , then Alt
    / Option ” . ” + Alt / Option + Shift + ” , ” will actually get rid of PS
    inability to select background layers and it wouldn’t become modal again
    depending on having or not to duplicate a background…. And then a
    Gaussian blur can be applied. Photoshop is VERY modal, this whole actions
    thing is cool but it becomes like programming when a more complex action is
    required. Will Adobe ever learn how to program?? PS – If you do have a
    better method, I’d be glad to know!?

  21. Kel Simmons says:

    Hey Aaron, is there anywhere i can see your 360 self portrait shots??
    Thanks for the clips..i love them! You are my Oprah…..just….skinny..and
    white….and not so rich 🙂 thanks again?

  22. Mauricio Arouesty says:

    Very useful..!!! There´s only one thing I didm´t understand: What is
    OPEN/CLOSE BRAKET to select backward layer? (minute 15:31. 15:57)?

  23. Leon - Qeycon says:

    No professional artists would ever use the “auctions” function in Photoshop
    as they work far too fast for it to be beneficial.
    This would only benefit slow working artists.?

  24. Kopar'RUS says:

    with what camera and at what settings was that picture taken? :o?

  25. Maxsdiscos says:

    Does Elements 10 have actions??

  26. Susheel Indulkar says:

    looks like the cssmenumaker site does not offer free menus anymore. :(?

  27. Clarissa J says:

    Of all the tutorials I have had seen on Youtube this is one of the finest
    and most instructive on the use of Dreamweaver and div tags. I must give
    my highest accolade to this excellent guy for making it clear, lucid and at
    the same time a positive experience! Thank you!?

  28. Amy Handford says:

    Thank you… wonderful tutorial… especially for an artist such as
    myself… it actually makes sense… :)?

  29. Spyke Tan says:

    I have wasted hours watching youtube tutorials, some even comes in “Parts”
    an hour or more longer. None are nowhere near what you’ve done here. This
    36:10 video is the most well spent time of my life. Even where points that
    you did mistakes on, I learnt from that how to rectify if I did do that
    mistake. Cut to the chase and all needed is well absorbed. Well done!?

  30. glennracoma says:

    Thank you. I really appreciate your straight ahead explanation in div
    structuring. Really cool way of doing this. There were other ways but
    process were time consuming. Great tute…again thank you very much! The
    CSS Maker is wonderful! Still working through a few things.?

  31. ??? says:

    Amazing!!!! It is really helpful!!!!!?

  32. muthoni mwangi says:

    Great! I find it helpful i can now beat up with the time for preparing
    websites.Cheer up guy .?

  33. Big_Mike81 says:

    Awesome video man. I really learned a lot! Now I know how to arrange a
    website using Dreamweaver!?

  34. yoi coy says:

    very simple tutorial for beginner like me 🙂
    can you tell me, how to make drop up menu using dreamweaver cs6 ??

  35. Kia Marsden says:

    when I insert a div tag for Main Content it spreads right across the web
    page instead of staying in 800px width can some one help me please ? hope
    you could understand my question?

  36. sahat simorangkir says:

    sir how to separate to the parent div tag for cloning class?

  37. Saga M says:

    Awesome tutorial. You have a great way of explaining complex ideas in a
    simple and understandable manner. Very useful, especially for people new to
    web designing, Dreamweaver and CSS. Thank you so much.?

  38. Rick Olson says:

    Thank you … very well explained?

  39. starslink says:

    Quite easy to follow tutorial. Many thanks!?

  40. William Martinez says:

    This is a good tutorial 4 the new ccs dreamwaiver. You were brilliant
    explaining the steps. thanks BRO.?

  41. Richard Veljkovic says:

    helpful, thank you!?

  42. UnforgIvan87 says:

    Thank you very much for this lesson and for your time.?

  43. michael dalip says:

    thanks, great video?

  44. Jane France says:

    You make this looks easy been using WordPress and the div tags that I
    didn’t have a clue about will help with my layout. Now looks like there was
    tables in template I selected because I could not get an embedded map from
    Google to sit next to any text after aligning it jumped back to its
    original position. Can I use an embedded map in dreamweaver will I have
    problems again just before I try to build again. I am banging my head
    against a brick wall in word-press now. Stressed newbie ?

  45. quillber says:

    thanks for this ?

  46. Vikas B says:

    It’s very nice tutorial, Thanks ……?

  47. Peter Sydney says:

    Thanks to this class I found what I was looking for. Thank you so much!?

  48. Manoj Mv says:

    very good information, thanks?

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