How To Create iPad Apps Using InDesign CS6

In this episode I’ll show you how to create iPad Apps using Adobe InDesign CS6. Build your Folio in InDesign CS6, add interactivity, use Alternate Layouts, b…

Tesla Model S - Official Walkthrough HD

Will your next car be an electric one? Join the community on Facebook: — A detailed walkthrough through the Tesla Model S. Jump to c…

19 Responses to “How To Create iPad Apps Using InDesign CS6”

  1. Henrique Fernandes says:

    what if you have no where to charge the tesla??

  2. Moi MacArt says:

    Love the idea of the electric car. Love the idea that it can go reasonable
    speeds. That it can charge fast. Love basic comfort like air conditioning,
    electric windows, heated seats, a nice sound system, and maybe Bluetooth
    for the phone. But this is way to many gadgets, and they are almost all
    from the touch screen. I would rather have real buttons for most of the
    controls, like the climate control, sound system, and a few others.
    Everything on the touch screen takes the attention off the important thing
    we are supposed to be doing, DRIVING the car. We can operate buttons by
    feel, we need to see a touch screen. And they need to make a way less
    expensive version. There is just no way that everyone can buy a car at
    those prices. Been driving for 37 years, and that is just my opinion. ?

  3. MrHerpaderpaherpa says:

    Is it stupid of me to ask if they could design an electric car that was
    rear wheel powered, and as it drove it would generate electricity from the
    front axle as it rotates? ?

  4. Poita says:

    Hmmm let me see. Do I want a car that is powered by a magical like force
    that even science doesn’t know what it is (electromagnetism) and that is
    quiet and doesn’t pollute or do I want a car that is powered by actually
    physically exploding vapourised fuel constantly to smash pistons up and
    down and that is noisy and pollutes the air??

  5. Aidan Sweeney says:

    Can you use SiriusXM with this? I’d love to have it!?

  6. Haplue96 says:

    I need this in my life!?

  7. Calvin George says:

    How does this car perform in tropical conditions (Caribbean)??

  8. J Pavilion says:

    Some new features they should consider for Tesla
    1. Make your Own design for the instrument panel like i wanna make my own
    with photoshop….
    2. Rear view camera
    3. remodel the shift gears like a normal car would
    4. Have more options to the touch screen….
    5. make the car cheaper. just bring it down a few thousand
    6. make the key a design option.. Car design or “classic key design”
    7. and a redesign for the middle touch screen interference?

  9. Ignotas Asadauskas says:

    you just congratulated 611,566 people for nothing. USE LOGIC BEFORE MAKING

  10. 1loudninja says:

    My dad just bought one of these, and he won’t let me drive it haha! I said
    I wanted to take it to college with me to avoid buying gas, but instead he
    bought me a new bike . . . -_- . . . it was my birthday?

  11. Didier Molar says:

    most beautiful sedan ?

  12. Boogster Su says:

    I think Tesla should design a heavy duty electric pickup truck (same
    mileage in one charge, if they can) so they can compete with leading
    gas-guzzling pickup trucks in the market.

    After all they have a sedan, XUV, and convertible…?

  13. XGiveMeLibertyX says:

    “fronk” Please stop using that word it’s fucking stupid?

  14. QuixoticQuaver says:

    Smells like the future is here boys.?

  15. Husam AL-Rumaih says:
  16. Carl K says:

    no one seems to talk about the negatives – price, are you really going to
    sit around and wait for it to charge, price of batteries after 10 years,
    etc. etc.

    it looks cool, but it’s a TOY for the rich. Everyone who ones one has a
    regular car.

    also it is around .5 sec faster in the quarter mile than a HONDA ACCORD
    V6… not fast once you get going… you will get smoked by true sports
    cars. ?

  17. Jake Moore says:

    This car is the future?

  18. Insert-name-here says:

    if they make an electric car that has a nice noise like a Ferrari or
    Lamborghini then i will immediately buy one?

  19. MrPaperclip82 says:

    and how the hell do you charge when u live in a city on the top floor app?
    also the charge times are way to long, the car should charge itself while

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