How to Create Double Exposure Portaits in Adobe Photoshop

How to Create Double Exposure Portaits in Adobe Photoshop

A quick tutorial that shows you how to easily create your own double exposure portrait photographs. More about this technique and the original images are ava…
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14 Responses to “How to Create Double Exposure Portaits in Adobe Photoshop”

  1. Ali Baba says:

    I feel like whenever I use the magic wand tool its like playing
    ‘Minesweeper’. No matter where I click, it decides to select everywhere! I
    realize this usually has to do with a busy background. But Even with solid
    background portraits it still did the same thing. Any suggestions? Thank
    you for the tutorial, overall – Great!!?

  2. RedroomStudios says:

    instead of doing copy and paste to layer the images, you can just drag and
    drop. much quicker and easier. you dont have to use the eraser tool to
    remove the background, just hit the delete key on your keyboard, then you
    wont miss any spots in the selected area! other than that, amazing concept
    and result!?

  3. TookenzTaken says:

    Nice tutorial! Thank you! :D?

  4. Erica Werner says:

    Very helpful, thank you!

    Are you from New Zealand? You accent is wonderful! :)?

  5. Bake mehboob says:

    cen u tell me what is photos version u use

  6. Martina Lehninger says:

    Hi Alex, thank you for this Tutorial it really helped me 😉 And it was so
    easy explained.?

  7. Bakari MCDONALD says:

    cant you just use cliping mask??

  8. Rafay Pervez says:

    Hey Alex, Your tutorial was very helpful for my Media Arts project. Is
    there anyhow that I can get the background Image that you have??

  9. Courtney Kramer says:

    Thanks for this tutorial! I have been doing double exposures in such an
    obscurely difficult manner, the way you do it is so much simpler!?

  10. Lauri Kaukotie says:

    Can somebody help me to figure out what I’mn doing wrong ? I manage to
    follow the instructions just fine until the part where I’m supposed to also
    erase the city background around my portrait, but my eraser won’t erase it
    ! Also, if I use background eraser it will leave the background
    transparent. Is there something I haven’t figured out ??

  11. ?dë? Gä??ëm says:

    can you desigen for me ??

  12. Floyd F says:

    Can you tell me why, my PS (2014) turns the selection all white when i open
    refine edges? ?

  13. Carlos Barbosa says:

    Helped me soooo much! Thank you, I’ve always wanted to do this kind of
    photos :)?

  14. Taylor Robinson says:

    somewhat destructive when erasing, should always mask when possible!?

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