How to Create a Photo Mosaic

How to Create a Photo Mosaic

A step-by-step guide on how to make a photo mosaic using your computer and a program called Mazaika. Class Notes: Welcome to the class…
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  1. eurossocial says:

    Wow! Excellent Tutorial demonstration! This is exactly what I was looking
    I have a question though. Can you save the pictures as a .png and not .jpg?
    Because I stopped using the jpg format for quite some time now. (Because it
    creates a lot of artifacts). The png quality is far Superior than jpg.?

  2. coventgardenmartin says:

    I’m attempting my first one but what I wanted to add was that for people
    that have thousands of images, like me (9,520) using the crop tile program
    would take DAYS. So I opted for another solution, I used photoshop cs6 and
    the batch function to change all 9,000+ images automatically. I set the
    batch to change the height to 740 keeping the aspect ratio, then did a
    canvas resize to 440 x 440 keeping the center point active. This
    essentially crops to the center of every image and it works on tall and
    wide images of varying aspect ratios. Granted you loose some of the content
    but your going to anyways and this was much much faster. ?

  3. Antonio DiMaggio says:

    i got a stream read error. my images are portrait but i think their aspect
    is like 9×16 do you think that is the problem??

  4. João Reis Jr says:

    thank you bro, gj!?

  5. kevin schofield says:

    Hey man this rules 🙂 it took me 5 mins to find on a search – awesome
    thanks just what i needed 🙂 ?

  6. MrSANTI23 says:

    HEy man thanks for the video. I have a quick question. When the Mosaic
    uploads my pics (already turned 90 degrees), it uploads them in the wrong
    direction. U know how to fix that? Thanks!?

  7. Brent Durham says:

    can this be used on windows 8.1??

  8. Kiana says:

    How do you download this program on windows 7 ??

  9. Amy Zanlungo says:

    Your vid was incredibly helpful as I made my first few mosaics last night.
    I’m not super versed on the pixelation/resolution so I saved it to 200 like
    you did in the vid, but the folks I made the mosaic for would like to print
    these now. What should I go in and change the settings to so that it will
    be more “hi-res” within the confines of the free version or do I have to
    upgrade to do that? ?

  10. Ajuicy says:

    Thank you, I only have about 300 pic so I am painfully going to crop them
    all change the size and color, redirect them and so on to get I hope a lot
    more. When I down loaded this I didn’t know it was all I needed. Using Mac.
    So this is the first time I have read how to use, and followed you. You did
    a great job, I learned something. There is a sad story behind this project.
    But I am sure my love ones will like it. God Bless you. You never know how
    you can impact a life just by sharing your passion. You have blessed my

  11. Bikki Maharjan says:

    oooooooo…… Doom 3 and Quake 4 …. nice….

  12. happyboy76 says:

    It shouldn’t really matter the resolution of each tile as long as it’s the
    same resolution or higher as the final mosaic you want to create. So for
    example some of the tiles can be 40px x 40px and others can be 1000px by
    1000px as long as the final image tiles aren’t going to be below 40px x
    40px. I think most of my tiles ended up being around 300px x 300px. I would
    keep the tile resolution as high as possible.

  13. happyboy76 says:

    I’m glad you enjoyed it Amalielle!

  14. Mantic Eye says:

    is it a free software?

  15. chenarch says:

    Hey, thanks happyboy76… Are you saving your “click-crop” tiles at what
    rez? In other words, each tile is what, maybe 40px x 40px? Or 60 x 60?

  16. Amalielle says:

    holy crap.. I love you so much, this is a much needed instruction video!!

  17. Gabrielle Aliter says:

    heheheeh you are awesome

  18. happyboy76 says:

    You’re welcome, I’m glad it was helpful! (I’ve been into Minecraft lately)

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