How to create 3D Logo Design in Adobe Illustrator CC HD1080p

This video is example how to create 3D Logo Design in vector format. Tutorial! More logo design and other design: More logo d…
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20 Responses to “How to create 3D Logo Design in Adobe Illustrator CC HD1080p”

  1. Clever Mark says:

    Adobe Illustartor CC Tutorial! 3D logo design!?

  2. Clever Mark says:

    siris s
    I really do not know what the problem is. Maybe you use colors that are
    similar and drowning each other. It may be that you are on different
    layers. It could be anything. I had no such problem.
    Thank you for following us, all the best.

  3. Kobi Hanoch says:

    PLEASEE How can I get those gradient swatches??? ?

  4. siris s says:

    I met a problem at the end of it, – how do I put a colourful background and
    keep the colours of the logo? the logo seems to become a bit merged in
    colour with the bigger rectangle, even by bringing the form to front or
    sending the rectangle to back. What am I missing??

  5. Branislav Vujaskovic says:

    How to create 3D logo in Adobe Illustrator CC HD quality?

  6. KorraRS says:

    I just did this tutorial and managed to get all the way through and the the
    same results, a bit slightly off with colour, but good enough.

    Thanks for the vid it was fun :D?

  7. Alexandru Grecov says:

    just great, a lot to learn in this tut….congratulations!?

  8. Rocky Nishanth says:

    Hi,, Which key you have used in 6.35 min?

  9. stehill2822 says:

    is there a place that i can get those gradient swatches please????

  10. Sandeep Sahu says:

    NEW, illustrator CC, logo design, video.?

  11. Narek Gatsjatrjan says:

    What is the song name? I can’t remember it anymore..?

  12. Rodney Pike says:
  13. LopHeaD says:

    going into favs. ?

  14. Hulk Reborn says:

    when I try to grad the path from the first *____* it does not drag aver a
    duplicate copy how did you do this can I just copy and past to duplicate
    this image _*__*?

  15. Jumpanchi HD says:

    yo mark i love your work can u maybe make one for me =D?

  16. ????? ???????? says:


  17. Hulk Reborn says:

    Thank you for responding quickly?

  18. Branislav Raki? says:

    Adobe illustrator CC

  19. Hulk Reborn says:

    where is the pathfinder tabs? located?

  20. Nadine Veenstra says:

    NEW, illustrator CC, logo design, video.?

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