How to change folder icons Windows 8

Easy how-to on how to change folder icons Windows 8.
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24 Responses to “How to change folder icons Windows 8”

  1. FuzzyRegirock says:

    Hello am spoderman?

  2. wade parsons says:

    This is not helpful because most of us already know this.Its a personalized
    picture that we want to use!Maybe a real pic.I am guessing it need to be a
    certain format but not sure which one…?

  3. Timdeuces says:

    There is no customise tab under properties for me.?

  4. ZalenaMoo says:

    Thank you 🙂 ?

  5. Icee Pop says:

    XD The voice is so funny?

  6. TTD187 says:

    WHY DOES THIS HAVE MORE DISLIKES?????????????????? Great how to! Thanks :)?

  7. Candy Chu says:

    does it change all the icons??

  8. Ayman Mteyrek says:

    why couldn’t i put a custom icon they didnt allow i could only browse for
    folders and not png pictures — help….?

  9. Javier Basterreche says:

    thanks it was awesome, men!?

  10. Betta Goldfish says:

    +TheCluelessYoutuber Disliked due to YIFF IN HELL FURFAG.?

  11. Pyramid Head says:

    i want a picture from when i browse but it wont let me?

  12. ElectroheadRed says:

    Easy way…create shortcut to desktop >> right click >> properties >>
    shortcut tab >> change icon at bottom.

    Putting files/programs on desktop will slow computer, hence why you should
    only use shortcuts on there?

  13. Kpop Editz says:

    Mine Dosen’t Have The Customize Button OuO?

  14. Matthew Mackenzie says:

    tried changing desktop .bat file i created and it has no cutomize option in
    the properties tab.???????????

  15. CocoGamez says:

    wtf is up with your voice in the first bit???

  16. Johnny TMD says:

    name of the song?

  17. ss48g says:

    Go do properties shit blah blah blah……It’s in shortcut at the bottom
    saying change icon

  18. Christina L says:

    uh those options arent there

  19. Ben Rowan says:


  20. IDG Minecraft says:

    Don’t forget to subscribe!

  21. ChillBroh says:

    customize isnt there 🙁

  22. IDG Minecraft says:

    Check out my other newer videos, I use Sony Vegas pro 12.

  23. Liangshi Xu says:

    does it only change the folder you selected or all folder???damn, cant you
    let us see for the last second?

  24. IDG Minecraft says:

    This is only for windows 8

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