How To Blur Faces in Adobe Premiere Pro

How To Blur Faces in Adobe Premiere Pro

This video is a demonstration of an alternate method for blurring faces that I came up with. No After Effects or track matting needed. AND it works every time.

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  1. Jason0905 says:

    Thank’s for the help, didn’t need to blur a face but instead a Steam
    notification, without using the mosaic I got the result I needed.?

  2. JohnFitzhugh1 says:


  3. ShahbloxHD says:

    How do you make it so it blurs a part of the video at a certain time of the
    video to a certain time? So say I want a particular part of the video
    blurred, and want it to last between a certain amount of time, how do I do
    that? Thanks?

  4. Lygarh paki says:

    Fantastic!!!! Loved your video! Thank you! ?

  5. Darrien Mack says:

    Thank you. That really got me out of a bind at work. Kudos to you, sir.?

  6. AirwayOnDemand says:

    i love ya, man ?

  7. danielscissorhands says:


  8. P0mbum says:

    Thankyou for posting this? Exactly what i was looking for!?

  9. danielscissorhands says:

    The cropped picture is still stuck at a tiny little size, and i can’t
    enlarge it.?

  10. Free Cake Films says:

    This is great, thanks. I also tried it without the mosaic and it worked
    fine. I’m wondering though – I’m trying to blur a logo on someone’s shirt
    who is moving around a lot. This method works but it’s a bit blocky looking
    – is it possible to soften the edges of the crop so it blends in a bit

  11. danielscissorhands says:

    Your instructions aren’t f’ing working for me. 🙁 The cropped block is not
    animated. And sometimes it is so small, and I can’t enlarge it. Nothing
    will work if i try to drag the edges. What the f am i doing wrong? :(?

  12. moorvog i says:

    GREAT tutorial. Seemed silly to depend on ANOTHER piece of software to make
    a blur.?

  13. Roger Santos says:

    Great tutorial! Very cleaver use of the video effects!


  14. Christina Ellul says:

    Just one thing to ask.. what’s the shortcut to trim a video clip from
    timeline please? and thanks this video was more than helpful :)?

  15. Andrés Luque says:

    superb bro thank you very much?

  16. Giselle Parra says:

    Just perfect! ?

  17. John Doe says:

    Someone is bitter about free education hence the thumb down. ?

  18. Deleta S says:

    Thank you! Best explanation I’ve seen thus far 🙂 I was surprised you
    didn’t have more views. ?

  19. Linda van der Klooster says:

    This is what I was looking for. Thank you! ?

  20. Mieciu says:

    Thanks so much, very usable! 🙂

  21. Uglemuc Uglemico says:

    4:10 “YOUR VICTIM’S HEAD” …..OK…………

  22. Kellcy Dunsmore says:

    Hi I’m trying to use this and it works for me fine but then for some reason
    a box appears around my entire video and has a circle in the middle of it
    and it stops the blurring. Do you know what I’m doing wrong?

  23. GmodOddity says:

    @MattyGadeke Haha maybe. I have no idea what it would be about lol. Believe
    it or not, I’m not so good at Minecraft

  24. DannyRodriguezFilms says:

    you wouldn’t happen to know how to rotate the crop would you? it only crops
    vertical and horisontal.

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