How to add Makeup in photoshop

How to add Makeup in photoshop

Here’s a short video showing you how to add makeup effects using Photoshop. We add eyeshadow,eyelashes,textured lipstick and blush. Subscribe to my channel M…
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18 Responses to “How to add Makeup in photoshop”

  1. Vpassion4musik says:

    How do you change the color of the mask??

  2. adrian brady says:

    How do i get to the mask part. Mine doesn’t have that mask so I can option
    so I don’t know how to feather my eye lashes and make them softer?

  3. mhs33l says:

    what’s the click sound ??

  4. Vpassion4musik says:

    I’m mad because I got stuck @ 11:15 and onward. I don’t know how you did
    you hide the layer mask. You just said “chose eye”. I just don’t know which
    “eye” should I choose. Please reply this comment. ?

  5. Reynan Fausto says:

    can i have your texture from the lips? thanks!?

  6. Mordecai4501 says:

    Ooo! I love your tutorial! My look is very good because of your help! Thank
    you! And this taught me a little more photoshop techniques!?

  7. john carrera says:

    WoW!!!!! Gracias amiga muy interesante….. Very nice tutorial I knew how
    to do the same effects but in a different way yours brushes tech… made it
    clear for me.. Lets keep in touch.. I have Sub today.?

  8. Virtual Makeup says:

    You have shown every detail! Nice tutorial!?

  9. Enigma Productions says:

    Great tutorial…?

  10. allarmsfall says:

    Mind blown. Great tips! Thank you :)?

  11. Yoshiki Kishinuma says:

    thank you very much!!!!!?

  12. Dennis Ramos says:

    nice tutorial!! Tnx u!?

  13. matthew creese says:

    You Were Truly A Help! Amazing Tutorial! (y) <3 tell ur friend she changed
    a lot of lives lol?

  14. Emma Martínez says:

    Excellent video! Thank you very much! I was wondering if you could make a
    tutorial on how to properly edit the skin, just like it is on the photo
    you’ve chosen.?

  15. Reju das says:

    Nice tutorial!?

  16. kennex isdory says:


  17. Primo Uy says:

    I really appreciate for sharing this tutorial….. i just learn another
    technique on how to use of the FS. I really like what you show on the lips
    texturing…I’m sure this will be part of my work flow..specially on the
    final stage. best regards to you and keep up the good work…Gracias….

  18. David Chapman says:

    Yer, i know. I need a better mic. Will be using one in the next tutorial.
    Don’t forget to watch it in HD so you can see what i’m doing better! And
    don’t forget to subscribe

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