How to Add a Background Texture to a Portrait in Photoshop

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19 Responses to “How to Add a Background Texture to a Portrait in Photoshop”


    he got a mac, he knows what he doing :D?

  2. eurossocial says:

    Awesome Tutorial once more! Thank you :-)?

  3. Errys Wiskan says:

    lol Aaron, you look like Gandalf :)?

  4. chicagosouth56 says:

    Well hot damn that is how she get that look i was wondering how she did it
    I love that lady thank you phlearn?

  5. Shawn Fields says:

    Awesome work. Saw you at WPPI a few weeks ago. BTW no link came up on the
    screen for the textures you offered for free from this tutorial.?

  6. Donna St. Pierre says:

    You’re a riot…lol. Excellent video. Thank you. :)?

  7. Tino Perez says:

    Could someone help me? I extremely new to Photoshop, I can’t figure out how
    to get those textures into Photoshop.. maybe this is to advance for me,
    some guidance would be appreciated. ?

  8. Mark Treen says:

    Great tips as usual. Where’s the free link??

  9. tuan nguyen says:

    thanks a lot!?

  10. Nel Nieves says:

    I love PHLeran… Best tutorials on YouTube… ?

  11. robert splawn says:

    all hail Aaron! making photoshop fun.?

  12. David Grant Gilmore says:

    Brooke is my favorite photographer!! I saw her expo at Soren Christenson
    Gallery in Nola! ?

  13. scott johnstone says:

    always enjoy your vids?

  14. Jarod Lucas says:

    My name is JT. I am a rectum?

  15. ROGER RAAD says:

    Great one dud.?

  16. Roslan Kz says:

    Learn a lot, thank you master.?

  17. Mohammed Alwazzan says:

    ok wow, thank you ?

  18. Joanna Muse says:

    Intro is priceless…grabbed me. Thank you for this vid. AWESOME!?

  19. Petru Le Grand says:

    Basically, you could have explained how to change the background in 30
    seconds or less lol.?

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