How I color and shade with Photoshop CS4

How I color and shade with Photoshop CS4

SONG: “Tawoumga” by DJ Champion from the album Chill ’em All ARTWORK: Line art by litttle-princess Model is susancoffey ————————————-…
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Photoshop CS4 Tutorials- Delete Background

Photoshop CS4 Tutorials- Delete Background Recorded and edited using: Camtasia. Hello youtubers!!!. So this is my second youtube video ever! It surprises me …
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29 Responses to “How I color and shade with Photoshop CS4”

  1. Keren Al says:

    Funny and useful, thanks.?

  2. Adrianna Radozycka says:
  3. Gerald Sandoval says:

    Came for the tutorial, left because of the music. If I want to see/hear a
    music video I will choose one. Click on tutorials because I want to here
    the explanation NOT the music.?

  4. pythonfan1 says:

    What’s with all these obnoxious messages??



  6. Lee Cerier says:

    Came for the tutorial. Stayed for the guitar solo.?

  7. TheHispanicNinja says:

    Happy to hear it! 😀

  8. TheHispanicNinja says:

    That’s what I get for picking Tawoumga as my background song 😉

  9. Solid .Snake says:

    please continue making tutorials! 😀

  10. azura1092 says:

    Looks like I went to the right place. +1 to this video

  11. TheHispanicNinja says:

    The dodge and burn are adequate tools for shading but I don’t know any
    professionals who use them. Shading well takes time, observation and
    practice; similar to any drawing technique.

  12. TheHispanicNinja says:

    It’s cool that you use them, but the point of my statement is to say that
    it’s ok to use them. However, from professionals options and at a true
    professional level, the likelihood of you using those tools would be
    minimal at best. And yes, it didn’t work then because of that. Hence, the
    subtitles that say I am being stupid. 😛 Thanks for enjoying the video!

  13. Dextra Jessa Blasco says:

    I really2x like this thing.. 😀

  14. nessa khoo says:

    can you show your colour pallet ?

  15. TheHispanicNinja says:

    I am happy to hear it! 😀

  16. TheHispanicNinja says:

    Thank you

  17. QN8375 says:

    Oh your welcome x3

  18. Kim Artienda says:

    wow.. the easiest way to delete backround ^_^ thanks

  19. 2HEARTS1BODY says:

    nice bro> 🙂

  20. Zane Carmichael says:

    omg shes so hot

  21. Zane Carmichael says:

    @artienda12 wen i press delete nutn happen

  22. theKingofWarriorz says:

    if you think this is the worst tutorial ever .. Thumbs up !!

  23. Stuart Menzies says:

    bloddy iritating music….this is not a real tutorial with that shit

  24. axkingz says:

    Now how do i change the color of the background, instead of those quadrants?

  25. osnapitzandrea says:

    if i do this will i be able to use the picture for something else like a

  26. aQuaDuDe1212 says:

    why is it when i press delete the background just becomes white??

  27. Mamadou Diallo says:

    This is THE easiest way to remove a background. Thanks.

  28. Lodethi says:

    @madarau3 no dat just wrong

  29. crystalinla says:

    gay fucking video.

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