Holy Icons: The ancient Christian tradition of images

In this video, I discuss the ancient Christian tradition of displaying and venerating the Holy Icons, images of Christ, the Theotokos (Virgin Mary), and the …

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  1. Nathan Edwards says:

    Very well done. I have always found the Orthodox Icons very interesting
    and it is nice to have some light shed on the subject. Thank you and May
    Christ go with you in your days ahead!?

  2. 12345soccerguy says:

    are icons graven images??

  3. ammazzamoro says:

    St. Luke also carved a small statue of the Blessed Mother holding the
    Christ child. From what I understand it is located in Guadalupe, Spain. +++
    alms. fasting. prayer.

  4. Reazzurro90 says:

    …public exhortation. The latter are not performed by all, but is related
    to prophecy (which is why the proper custom with that should be a person
    speaks in tongues, and a person with the gift of interpretation
    ‘translates’ for the believers). This is why Paul, in referring to the
    problem that was plaguing the Corinthian church says “If there is no
    interpreter, the speaker should keep quiet in the church and speak to
    himself and God.” (14:28) But you do not deny a gift wholesale due to a

  5. onewhocomesdown says:

    Hopefully you will look into more Orthodox teachings! It sure helped me
    when I was struggling with Protestantism!

  6. tariqmartin2007 says:


  7. Hetman Wojtek says:

    Fav’d/Liked. Awesome video. Sadly most protestants will just bury their
    heads in the sand. You can quote them the earliest of the Church fathers
    and show them the earliest of catacomb icons and they won’t listen. It just
    goes to prove that faith is truly a supernatural gift from God which
    supersedes human reason and emotions.

  8. Jonathan Hill says:

    Moreover what part of “He is just and Faithful to help those who repent and
    cry out to understand his true message. Only when we are willing to give up
    this dark world will we finally see the light and he will then come to us
    and guide us with his Love,”.. does Orthodoxy not teach?

  9. Reazzurro90 says:

    Well they’re only meant to give a confused person something to hold on to.
    It’s not really meant to teach the entire mystery of the Trinity. 😛

  10. Reazzurro90 says:

    …abusers. Would you reject the Eucharist, with that kind of argument,
    since the Corinthians were rather fond of that as well? NO!

  11. Jonathan Hill says:

    And what does our Lord and Savior say about prayer, fasting and vigil? Do
    not be like the hypocrites! If you fast, you will harm your spirits, and if
    you pray you will bring condemnation upon yourself. Yet Rejoice! And be
    exceeding glad! For if you heed what poor Stephen says you will learn to
    judge yourself, thus you will be chastened by the Lord, that you will not
    be condemned with the world.

  12. FightingOne1 says:

    You were right about the natural tendency to have idols. So many times when
    I was trying to come back to Christ, after going into pagan religions, an
    idol of a pagan god, or even a buddha would always tempt me to turn away
    from Jesus. I don’t know that I’d use the Jews who rejected Christ at the
    time as an example to promote icons, but it is interesting nonetheless.
    Thank you for the video. I’ll show it to others.

  13. servantofYAHW says:

    @DopoNotte I did many things before repenting but have been shown how to
    live in truth. It is hard to give up the world and dreams of being known
    here and it is admittedly hard to throw out lusts. For instance adultery,
    looking at other women is easy to give up once you see them as your
    brothers and sisters. It is easy to give up eandeavors for wealth once we
    see we do not need them and Yahweh will provide for his children. There is
    no more worry with Yahweh. I share out of love for my brethren

  14. Reazzurro90 says:

    I have no idea what you’re talking about. Being able to speak in tongues
    all of a sudden means you cannot love? That is absurd. Why should they be
    mutually exclusive? Because you said so? You haven’t stated why speaking in
    tongues suddenly means that a person “is not focused” on loving his or her
    neighbor. Please explain why, because it makes no sense.

  15. Reazzurro90 says:

    At any rate, I apologize as well.

  16. BakinKoljac says:

    very good brother 🙂 god bless your work

  17. OrthodoxSoldierICXC says:

    If we don’t have a image of Christ, how can you prove he walked on this
    earth! that means you deny his Incarnation. Say for example, I die, My
    child asks its Mother, mum! how did daddy look like, how would the mother
    prove to her child that the father existed on this earth and what he looked

  18. pandirasbox says:

    Yea, the 6th century Christians used icons

  19. MrOphachew says:

    Don’t forget the Icons depicted on the walls of the catacombs which date
    from the first hundred years of Christianity.

  20. Reazzurro90 says:

    Really? Does Satan cast out Satan?

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