HAIR ICONS Virgin Brazilian Hair! 1month Review

Haii Im Keturah im an aspiring youtube beauty and fashion guru. I love my subbies and I hope you guys continue to take the journey with me to greatness. You …

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7 Responses to “HAIR ICONS Virgin Brazilian Hair! 1month Review”

  1. FascinateMyBeing says:

    Update. Still have the hair 9 months later and i have dyed it purple and
    blonde. STILL LOOKS GOOD (:?

  2. M M says:

    Good review miss lady. I have had this hair in the Brazilian body wave
    though for 2 months and I agree its great hair.

  3. FascinateMyBeing says:

    No actually I didnt receive a tracking number. I ordered it on a thursday
    and got it on the next thursday so about 7 days (: I was impatient for mine

  4. FascinateMyBeing says:

    Thank you. Im jus disappointed at how her prices went up when i was about
    to buy more hair and a closure! Not too much of change but I guess I’ll be
    a returning customer.

  5. nkvlcy says:

    Hey 🙂 did they send u a tracking #? If so how long did it take for them to
    give it to u? I ordered the 25th of june, today’s the 1st, & still nothin

  6. hiad desh says:


  7. frozennmist says:

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