H.A.V.E.N | Sci-fi Short Film

H.A.V.E.N is a short film about a man who works on the planet Helmar and is a Radiation beacon repair man. He’s just doing his normal job when He finds a bea…

Echelon – ? ø lll ·o. – PROVEHITO IN ALTUM.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

31 Responses to “H.A.V.E.N | Sci-fi Short Film”

  1. Harry Nguyen says:

    those sound effects and that smoke effects are just too over the top lol?

  2. Aron Lee says:

    I swear, the picture for this was better than the actual video.?

  3. Leigh Krampe says:

    Completely copied off a movie I saw but forgot the name…same storyline ?

  4. Io oI says:

    no sense. If plants grow, means there is oxygen , unless they
    photothynthesis with co2.?

  5. photobobo says:

    Nonsensical story. Nothing would grow with all of that crap in the air.
    “100% clean oxygen”? Oxygen can’t be dirty or clean, it’s an elemental gas.
    If the air was 100% oxygen it would be poisonous.?

  6. Noirling says:

    The pacing tho. This story could have been told in half the time and been
    more compelling.?

  7. Nicholas Thornton says:

    Ever heard of a movie called Oblivion? Yeah….?

  8. Jamey Ward says:

    Why would he not be wearing a mask when they put the thing in the ground
    but then put it on when he walks away? Plus if these are barren planets
    being terraformed for humans, why is he carrying weaponry? And dressed like
    a soldier? From the intro it’d seem these guys would be techs not soldiers,
    and it wouldn’t seam so post apoco. andhis gear doesn’t seem to fit the
    time line.?

  9. Noah McMillan says:

    At least give credit to the movie you coppied?

  10. Caren Pretorius as Siqik says:

    Well, this was interesting! …?

  11. KodenameKrusty says:

    I like your work and Subbed. I can see you getting better at this over time
    just, don’t rush the writing or the filming. You seem to have a good head
    for this sort of thing.?

  12. Benji Smith says:

    Wow such a copy off SEED?

  13. Zeus Low kicks says:

    booooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo trash?

  14. BlackToothHag says:

    great stuff, ?

  15. FringeBingeTV says:

    I feel like the last time I saw this movie, Tom Cruise was the star.?

  16. Bob Spencer says:

    Not bad story. acting fair.?

  17. Leigh Krampe says:

    Liked some of the HUD effects though?

  18. Robert Mendez says:

    This was terrible. The acting was horrible. The writing was a joke. Half of
    it didn’t make sense. 4/10 for effort.?

  19. zrinyi istvan says:

    i love their songs…but i don t like the iluminati part:)?

  20. Psychodeliq 30STM says:

    What it means PROVEHITO IN ALTUM??

  21. ihateketchup says:

    is this called artifact???

  22. frederick909 says:

    Is this ARTIFACT??

  23. Christie Ven says:
  24. Dora frommars says:

    haha you know your video is famous when people think it’s artifact :)?

  25. Silvana Ribeiro says:

    This too!
    loved <3?

  26. lorandwien says:

    Thank you for everyone who watched, liked and shared this video. – ? ø lll
    ·o. – PROVEHITO IN ALTUM :)?

  27. SmD71nG says:

    I love them! BEST BAND IN THE WORLD!?

  28. Maialeen says:

    They shouldn’t have touched that baby deer. Of course it was Bam Margera, I
    can’t stand that guy.?

  29. ???? ?????? says:


  30. Azim Wahid says:

    This short film was fckng awesome! For those who dislike it I just give a
    shit to them!?

  31. Mónica Silva says:

    the guy that shows up behind the tree is leto’s half brother 🙂 so cute?

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