GIF’s With Sound Mashup Compilation #10 GIFS with sound 10 January 2014 GWS

GIF’s with sound #10 ** Episode #11 Will be on 01/29/2014 Music: —-LINK TO MUSIC USED New: Find a sound/song to go with the GIF in the …

Samsung introduced Animation Shot and Sound & Shot with the Galaxy S 4, which gives you more creativity with your photos. Animation Shot allows you to make a…
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27 Responses to “GIF’s With Sound Mashup Compilation #10 GIFS with sound 10 January 2014 GWS”

  1. GIF's with Sound says:

    Click the link in the description for the full list of music used. ?

  2. Coptin01010 says:

    whats the one with the dog on the beach?

  3. Atisuto Chibi says:

    What’s the name of that song that has “Move bitch. Get out the way”? That
    seems to fit that gif.?

  4. EvilerCrazyman says:

    whats the first gifs song??

  5. alexander duzon says:

    I really hate it how this channel steals content from other websites
    without permission and then using it to earn money.?

  6. HackyouNuggets says:

    0.49 song????

  7. NxG0Ghost says:


  8. Emmanuel Andrade says:

    For the last one
    Boom bitch get out of the way!?

  9. AdmireTheMoustache says:

    5:03 A whole new meaning to ‘fisting’?

  10. SCP Pinkamena says:

    Bambous #GWS?

  11. priit mölder says:

    GWS – Inception horn…?

  12. RVrobloxerRV says:

    For the last GIF, Ludacris – Move Bitch?

  13. ????????1023 says:

    3:00 – 3:17 that was…difficult to watch D:?

  14. Nadav Meir says:

    wow bitch get out the way?

  15. InZain Vids says:

    that last one should be “disrespect your surroundings!”?

  16. Ignat Videos says:

    #GWS Aerosmith – Living On The Edge?

  17. Nieto Gamefront says:

    Surprise muthafucka?

  18. Lemon Shakes says:

    Move bit** get out the way.?

  19. Kilian Alexander says:

    i will find you… and i will kill you #GWS?

  20. Mutsu Hanma says:

    I will find you and I will kill you followed by a fus ro dah?

  21. ilias k says:

    2:15 is just pure gold?

  22. RiRi power says:

    Can’t touch this :p?

  23. Kara McGee says:

    I’ve tried getting results from cricket and samsung, but to no avail!!! I
    paid more for this phone and 1st month than I make in a month and was
    totally ripped off!!! First of all, the contents that were supposed to be
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    soon as I saw charger, I knew something was wrong!! It wasn’t even a
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    date shown in devices and I paid for it again april 4th! I don’t have
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    device!!! In fact, I am looking into suing both companies!! If this sends,
    I’ll be amazed!!! ?

  24. denica mihailova says:

    But This Samsung Galaxy is Not Like My ……& Need Browsers & Programs
    ..may be…?

  25. Brittanyx02 says:

    How come when I send a sound and shot photo you can’t hear the sound on
    their phone even on another s4?

  26. David Garcia says:

    very informative just what i needed to know

  27. mehmet Çaml?bel says:

    ? cant see my gif pictures at gallery wtf ???

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