Giant LED Graphic Music Display (DJ Spectrum Analyser)

Giant LED Graphic Music Display (DJ Spectrum Analyser)

A Large stand-alone VU Meter / Spectrum Analyser Display that you can add to your existing HiFi and audio equipment. All Buying Links: Q…
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16 Responses to “Giant LED Graphic Music Display (DJ Spectrum Analyser)”

  1. Thành Nguy?n says:
  2. G0PST0P says:

    Track ID at 5:43 please?

  3. Mat cool says:

    You sound exactly like the guy from Top Gear.?

  4. Arizona Striker says:


  5. Brian Miller says:

    Quick USA link – but the listing says “Does not ship to US”???

  6. suloja61 says:

    SUPER. MfG. Suloja?

  7. richard murphy says:


  8. MrRobertpn says:

    ERR – sorry my mistake – it is just a question of going deeper into the
    menu system – it is there after all. The holes are not an in fact the
    registration of one of the holes that is there is slightly out too! Still
    like it as a bit of kit though .?

  9. crusherbad64 says:

    That’s what I mainly use my Atari Jaguar CD for is playing music with a
    great light show on my TV.?

  10. MrRobertpn says:

    Just to let folk know that the all blue version has only 5 menu options for
    display rather than 8 – the ones missing are the stereo modes which is a
    shame. Also on the one I received two holes in one of the plexiglass
    screens had not been drilled. Still works and stable but not great quality

  11. Sevencityrandomvids says:

    i could sit and listen to you talk all day :)?

  12. thecoolguy078 says:

    Thanks dude ?

  13. MiharuNV750 says:

    Movement on this display looks too… digital. Simple analog circuits with
    bunch of comparators look more smooth and eye-pleasant.?

  14. Dj PaKo says:

    Where can i get one ??

  15. Marcos Guimaraes says:

    Ola, you send to brazil? Which value of freight? As turns it into a normal
    sound without usb?

  16. Thanh Phong says:

    th?t tuy?t v?i?

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