G4’s Icons – Xbox

Video Rating: 4 / 5

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Video Rating: 5 / 5

26 Responses to “G4’s Icons – Xbox”

  1. twinspectreGaming says:

    this videos proved that MS didn’t care about gamers , because they launched
    the xbox only for the $$$$
    and all of you bunch of idiots continue to support them , fuck that?

  2. brandon poke says:

    ps2 beat xbox
    xbox 360 beat ps3
    ps4 beat xbox one see the pattern?

  3. The Readers Corner says:

    Steve Balmer a moron.?

  4. GrizzlyRed says:

    19:30 lol he said Xbox One

  5. John Doe says:

    Even though I had the best XBox games because I was able to buy them cheap
    later on in its life, the only games I played for it was Burnout 3, OutRun
    2006 and Rallisport Challenge 2. Those games alone were worth owning the
    best versions of those games and the exclusive Rallisport Challenge 2.

  6. TheGamePhilter says:

    Great video, love Xbox. Getting the Xbox One day one edition, very exciting.

  7. MsDboyy says:


  8. MsDboyy says:


  9. SpongeTheSquid says:

    Microsoft has nothing. Bungie left, they single handedly killed Rare, and
    they don’t care about anyone but the dudebro audience.

  10. H4mm3rSp4c3 says:

    thanks for the high res upload

  11. MsDboyy says:

    ( Steve Ballmer ) Your Gana Lose All Are Money ! ! !

  12. Kjasper says:

    Nice song! Is this Copyright free? ;)?

  13. Kalle B says:

    >> 14 years old Producer from Sweden< I know you are tired of spaming but at least check it out my new track Restart on my channel!?

  14. MrKevin2Seven says:

    this is beautiful :)?

  15. EndjuiOfficial says:

    Sweet som vanligt Steerner?

  16. Vicciv Schreuder says:

    I think it could use more bass on the drop. To summon the Zyzz within. Oher
    than that 9/10 Not as good as Skyrim -IGN?

  17. LIDD33 ? says:

    Nice! :D?

  18. SteernerOfficial says:
  19. LIDD33 ? says:

    Nice! :D?

  20. dexistence19 says:

    One of my favourite house songs of all time. The vocals and the music are
    both incredibly beautiful and they work so well together.?

  21. Neon Network™ says:


  22. thi?n thi?n says:

    good .. i like this <3 <3 :3?

  23. Airidas Jeznas says:

    Thank you, Proximity, for bringing me here. I just love this track. <3?

  24. NextLegacy CAE says:

    steerner is always the best 🙂 u never disapointing me m8 this remix even
    better than the original!! 1+ sub from me :D?

  25. -Zinitix | Graphics says:

    Dope! ??

  26. AllYourTechNow says:


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