G4’s Icons – The Legend of Zelda HQ

G4's Icons -  The Legend of Zelda HQ

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Happy cake day Our beloved ICON “ANGELA TEE” !! =) Wish u all the best… =) This is special gift for u.. =) Presented by: @7ICONS_Keci @7ikons_ @Ry4nAtee an…

11 Responses to “G4’s Icons – The Legend of Zelda HQ”

  1. Vadagar says:

    Every kid that plays the modern zelda games should go back and play the

  2. Jeremy Kuipers says:

    windwaker HD on wiiU is superb…got it free when I registered MK8.?

  3. Josh Yuber says:

    wow talented designers XD?

  4. Mychael Darklighter says:

    Windwaker was a beautiful, beautiful work of art. I thought so from the
    first screenshots.
    Just gorgeous, and so unique. Best use of the tech.?

  5. Mychael Darklighter says:

    Every single thing that comes out of that IGN editor’s mouth is stupid.?

  6. ThaiBox7788 says:

    The Ocarina of Time for N64 is my all time favorite game.?

  7. Kitfox Voorhees says:

    its a shame that this show didn’t last long enough to do a show on Kingdom
    Hearts Franchise.?

  8. Cazle7 says:

    My first and favourite zelda game was Twilight princess i got it for the
    wii, amazing game, i hope they make another one with the same art style.

  9. JLP104 says:

    I know a lot of people were shocked when they saw the next zelda game for
    gamecube, but I personally loved the wind waker game and it was my first
    zelda game i played :)one of my favourites to 🙂

  10. Lara G says:

    Judu laguny apa ea sob,,,?

  11. abbas othman says:

    Kren bangat love a.tee?

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