G4’s Icons – Apple II

G4-Tech TV’s Icons. A show showcasing the movers and shakers of the game industry. Before you go saying, “g4 sucks now. It was awesome when they made shows l…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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Video Rating: 4 / 5

21 Responses to “G4’s Icons – Apple II”

  1. Steve Preite says:

    I have to thank +Christopher Hornak for sharing this with me. Highly
    motivational! #Apple #Computing.?

  2. M3rtyville says:

    there is a typo in the title

  3. AnimeSeigneurMatt says:

    Well, looks like more people are watching this now…it’s been awhile since
    I’ve watched any of these; well, I suppose I can go one more night without
    sleep 0_0

  4. Daniel Campbell says:

    Ah. Good call. I’ll change it now.

  5. Jason Gruhn says:

    Terrific episode!! Thanks for uploading this.

  6. eligio gabriel gomez lomeli says:

    I have one 🙂 ?

  7. Edwin Alonso says:

    Ahhhh bcn(jxj?

  8. AdumWarlock says:

    Great review. I gotta win!!!?

  9. exiaR2x78 says:

    Ive been collecting anime and gaming figures for so long, but recently
    rediscovered spiderman comics ive spent so many hours looking for a figure
    of spiderman i actually like saddly ive come to the conclusion that theres
    none I actually like i thought this was going to be the one but after
    seeing your review i know it isnt and ive kind of lost hope at finding a
    spiderman figure i like?

  10. krakendude2 says:

    You know those 60’s Spiderman pictures? Where Spidey says something
    hilarious? What if we took all those pics and recreated them with Spiderman
    toys? They’re posable enough to make it work. And nice review Sean. With
    the new Spider-Man movie, I’ve been wanting a posable Spiderman toy, so
    this review was helpful.

  11. spideyfanboy says:

    The six inch one is way better than this

  12. ( ?º ?? ?º) says:


  13. somroth says:


  14. VoltedGaming says:

    has tattoos and collects toys…whatta boss

  15. qwe6348 says:

    That’s awesome but I love the other one little better

  16. Myron Thomas says:

    or you can find this figure in Zellars up here in Canada in British
    Columbia Kamloops for $15 Or

  17. TheJasg2005 says:

    Can’t wait to get this

  18. sinister229 says:

    Love the vids man, keep them up!!!

  19. timmer919hep says:

    The Venom Icons figure is one of my all time favorites… Teh best venom
    figure evarz?!?

  20. spideyfanboy says:

    the joints on mine r very tight actually calf and glove r not movable
    theyre so tight!!!

  21. naitooikawa says:

    You’re intros are always kind of lame… Sorry…

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