G4 Icons Episode #6: Shigeru Miyamoto

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  1. MegamanNG says:

    This version of the episode is completely different than the one I’ve seen.
    Very different.?

  2. Joseph Huiras says:

    They showed the wrong Super Mario Bros. at about 8 minutes in?

  3. Leah L. says:

    “…Miyamoto adds magic mushrooms!”

    had me laughing, and it wouldn’t be far fetched to assume he might’ve been
    on some to have created the Mushroom Kingdom?

  4. michael Abbott says:

    Really lost respect for this mini biography when they were showing the
    super Mario all stars versions instead of the originals super Mario game
    and they showed kid wrong Zelda. Kinda feel like they didn’t really know
    too much lol?

  5. 3DSFlo says:

    3 people were aiming for the like button and missed.?

  6. floodychild says:

    Why did you find it odd??

  7. jonn mace says:

    On one side, we have George Lucas who happens to be a legend in the film
    industry, mainly known for the creator Star Wars but other movie gems as
    well. On the other end, we got Shigeru Miyamoto who happens to be a legend
    in the video game industry, mainly known for creating classic
    titles+franchises such as Mario, Donkey Kong, The Legend of Zelda, Star
    Fox, Pikmin, and Animal Crossing. They obviously admire each others work
    and had the privilege to chat with one another.

  8. manwithouthat44 says:

    chuck e cheese HAHAHAHAHA u funny man

  9. Willy Buns says:

    Not to mention when they were going over the Legend of Zelda, they were
    showing footage of the second, not the first.

  10. vampirekiller777000 says:

    What is the song that starts at 7:32?

  11. cesarBS190 says:

    This guy is really an VIP. When this guy announced his retirement
    Nintendo’s stock plummeted almost instantly. That was an eye opener for me.
    Good thing he’s still with the company

  12. MakeAGameWithMe says:

    i love this man. if i ever met him i would thank him for making my life so
    much better!

  13. IlliterateFuck94 says:

    13:23 lol

  14. Metabad says:

    11:17 Did anybody find this part odd? I feel sorry for Mr. Miyamoto…

  15. anjake01 says:

    in a way he did because if he didnt make mario, the video game industry
    would have never recovered from the crash of 1983 and there wouldnt be a
    call of duty.

  16. Interrobang Informatives says:

    I love how at the end he’s like “Shit.. Ok, I can do this.”

  17. vampirekiller777000 says:

    OKAAY, that story at 11:05-11:23 ended aa biiiittt awkward…..

  18. 1943fighter says:


  19. ChicagoBulls1984 says:

    So nobody at G4 noticed that they were using footage from Super Mario
    Allstars and not the original Super Mario Bros. from the NES version. FAIL

  20. Matt Allen says:

    i wonder if Shigeru Miyamoto’s kids play Nintendo or something other then
    Nintendo like the 360 or PS2

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