G4 Icons Episode #22: Yu Suzuki

Video Rating: 4 / 5

5 Responses to “G4 Icons Episode #22: Yu Suzuki”

  1. VirtuaFighter5R says:

    this… was… beautiful!
    yu suzuki is a genius!
    outrun, virtua fighter & shenmue defined my youth!
    Thank You Yu!?

  2. Relugus says:

    Sadly Sega has stopped being innovative since Sammy took over, and thus the
    match made in heaven ceased to be. This video made me sad.?

  3. iPLAY SEGA!! says:

    Yu Suzuki = KING!!?

  4. DAVIDSDIEGO says:

    On the best on G4! Was this filmed in 2003?

  5. ZeTus58 says:

    It`s was June 10, not a May 10. Birthday of Master.

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