G4 Icons Episode #17: Splinter Cell

G4 Icons Episode #17: Splinter Cell

9 Responses to “G4 Icons Episode #17: Splinter Cell”

  1. MrStig691 says:

    Those forces were inspired by legends themselves, the SAS and SBS…?

  2. JechtRush says:

    What was that weird shit at the end??

  3. william white says:

    Sam fisher is a bitch compared to big boss or even solid snake?

  4. donkeykongcoin says:

    Rest In Peace Tom Clacy – You will always be remembered by us all with all
    your work and we will not stop digging after the truth you so good searched
    for. Your death will never be forgotten or accepted as the majority media
    have told us. You where on to something important and sadly it ended there
    for you but not to be forgotten by us all.?

  5. Leah L. says:

    “over the hill, cynical, jaded, middle age, rogue”

    could be used to describe Snake to be honest…
    or at least Big Boss?

  6. TheCrulZ2348 says:

    R.I.P Tom Clancey

  7. winlover37 says:

    This game defined my childhood. 🙂

  8. winlover37 says:

    How so?

  9. frylock456 says:

    Damn, G4 used to be the shit…

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