Funny Gifs Collection 2013

Here are the links to all the funny gifs available in the video in order:…

15 Responses to “Funny Gifs Collection 2013”

  1. Jerry Giesler says:

    0:52, Mortal Kombat isn’t FUNNY!!! >:(((?

  2. JediRonald127 says:

    6:17 LOL Steve Irwin! ?

  3. Hayden Henning says:

    well hello there fellow imgurian?

  4. kampfmaulwurf123 says:

    the LORT part is rly fun?

  5. Anthony Raffini says:

    Much enjoy. Very music.?

  6. ladr acula says:

    you rally need to make more of these I would defiantly sub if you did!?

  7. Sisco Guevara says:

    Music shit?

  8. Kasper Benthien says:


  9. no idea about the name says:

    9:55 paper-thrower instead of flamethrower .-.

  10. Bloodfistable says:

    It’s from Requiem For a Dream by Clint Mansell I think

  11. epicawsonness says:

    nah bitch diddnt think so

  12. Champs rule MC says:

    10:00 best thing ever!

  13. Azurlo says:

    well sir I’d love if you did more. Just saying

  14. UnknownGamers says:

    Lost it at 4:55. That kangaroo…

  15. Destiel3 says:

    What is this song called?

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