[FREE] After Effects Templates Cs3,4,5,6

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How to Ask Out a Girl (using her own advice)

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17 Responses to “[FREE] After Effects Templates Cs3,4,5,6”

  1. DENO X says:

    “Well, I have a boyfriend. Its funny that you caught me right now, cause
    we’re actually fighting” That is why you don’t date these women, you’re
    better off single. She gave in 3 seconds after meeting this guy. 1:24?

  2. Nads says:

    2:02 i jus wanna go behind her n fuck her right in the pussy?

  3. Taricco Enderitta says:

    7 Simple Scientific Tricks to Have Any Woman you Want, Below?

  4. ertyuloiuytr says:

    u need to look like a model for a girl to find u worthy of her , ugly guys
    like me and many others girls will want us massacred ?

  5. NotToBeTakenSeriously says:

    Girls don’t know shit about what works on them.. half the time they’re
    confused.. and since they never have to pick a guy up, they don’t know
    anything about picking up.. They also don’t know the subtleties involved in
    why they all of a sudden feel chemistry for a guy.. They think it is
    magic.. but there’s a science to it. The infamous advice by girls in the
    past.. “oh just buy a girl a drink and she’ll like you”.. .. no she’ll
    think you’re a loser and she’ll feel sorry you got played for a drink. Good
    video though.?

  6. Aidan Fox says:

    I want to live wherever Freddy lives…. So I can talk to him….For you
    know, science….

    Anatomy and biology to be specific. ?

  7. GoldJacketLuke says:

    This was a really fun one. During filming I don’t think we got a single bad
    reaction from a girl. Chicks dig this haha. BTW checkout the vid me & Fred
    just uploaded on my channel where we really open up and talka bout some
    vulnerable stuff.. 🙂 –Luke?

  8. k4n31985 says:

    “thats really funny you caught me right now, cause we’re fighting right
    now”… guess who’s girlfriend is gonna cheat tonight… slut.?

  9. Kristen Festin says:

    this is smart tbh and could work on a lot of other women lol?

  10. Conor Reed says:

    What the fuck?! I go to this college!?

  11. Armeen Yazdi says:

    you look identical to the european characters from family guy!!! holy

  12. Abu Batata says:

    I have the balls to do it. But where do I find them. In the city

  13. Mahmoud Hussein says:

    hey Vikings? I’m not a Viking I’m a pharaoh?

  14. Witty Kitty says:

    the guu with the long hair u look alot like Evan ?

  15. Robert Daudish says:

    I had so much fun watching this video…!!!
    I’ll do it for fun tomorrow

    – Rob?

  16. NikoVanAthand says:

    I’m not racist or what but can someone explain to me what’s the point of
    sunbathing at 2:02??

  17. FreddyFairhair says:

    I know… I have been gone, but not really gone. I just spent much time on
    this one + other responsibilities. This is what i love though, so dont

    And the reason why i was in my undies was cause i had to cross some water.
    My mic was in the shoe i held, lol. ?

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