Food For Thought: 3D Animated Short Film A fish’s journey to discover its true place in the world. A 3D animated short film by Morr Meroz Produced at the School of Vis…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Jobless creations presents an entertaining comedy which thrills you right through. “Nidhi” is a girl who gets into unexpected situations through some inciden…

31 Responses to “Food For Thought: 3D Animated Short Film”

  1. SimsMovieGirl & JackHammer87 says:

    The blue fish sounded like the actor of joe swanson from family guy (can’t
    remember his name, Patrick somethin’)?

  2. addeleyne says:

    nooooooo the yellow fish was my favorite :'(?

  3. Rikeilan says:

    So, all of these for 3 minutes!? Oh my… it is gonna take a an internity
    to make 1 hour…?

  4. annel intrution says:

    how long did this take to make??

  5. GamingShortCuts says:

    What program do you use ??

  6. mo lee says:

    these two fishes remind me of the tick and arthur :)?

  7. AnimationGaming says:

    Then it goes into a full loop :)?

  8. tuvshintugs esudei says:

    How long did it took you to do this? And it’s really good by the way?

  9. Sheila Graber says:

    Great to see (and hear) a memorable movie that comes from your own
    experience – not a lot of that around these days.. keep swimming?

  10. PrincessCelestia19 says:

    Oh…My…God…….. :'{?

  11. PewZigZag says:

    I need your help to finish a movie! XD or I will take 500 years if I can
    live that long!.?

  12. Fernando Montes says:

    I’m the main attraction hahaha this is great! ?

  13. Edwin Animationcraft says:

    Blue fishes expression was kinda off. When he cried, His bottom eyelids
    should squeeze up a little. But hey this was a year ago I’m sure you got
    WAY better 🙂 good job.?

  14. Jeff Ledwin says:

    Yikes, an infinite loop! It’s a paradox!?

  15. amine chanekar says:

    good job?

  16. Bloop Animation says:
  17. prudhvi raj says:

    Hello People, Here is my short film “Nidhi Evaridi?…its been getting
    great reviews so far…its a good comedy and people will like it….please
    encourage us by liking it and sharing it 🙂

    Nidhi Evaridi?(2014) A Telugu Comedy Thriller Short Film-By Prudhvi Raj

  18. M@N0J |\/|J says:

    Should I say wow for this?.. What if I say Fantastic?.. 😉 yeah it is.. 🙂
    I loved it.?

  19. Gaurav Reddy says:

    too good man 😀 and gr8 work by raghu ?

  20. Sistla Venkata Abhishek says:

    Nice movie Prudhvi and Bhanu ! Keep up the awesome work !! 🙂 :)?

  21. Srinivasan Seshan says:

    Very gud attempt Prudhvi. Congrats. A daring way in adopting such a
    subject with a new wave. Keep up your spirits and fresh thoughts. LOVE

  22. Dasari Sandesh says:

    It’s nice and cool short film….?

  23. baba reddy says:

    Chaala baaga theesaaru.. kaneesam 10lacs hits khaayam..?

  24. vivek devi says:

    LOL… exclamatory expressions of the narrator are exceptionally funny!! ?

  25. Vasanth Kumar Erlapally says:

    super undi ra,, good to see u all.:)?

  26. Venkatesh Kalathoor says:


  27. Siladitya Padhi says:

    Good job, Navya. Keep it up.?

  28. Sri Sana says:

    good work prudhvi!! ?

  29. LAKSHMAN KUMAR says:

    Concept is good but taking is worst. All actors over acted and over
    reacted. Overall ha bokka laga undi.?

  30. Kailash Tatineni says:

    Dislike by Nikesh Reddy Choletti!!?

  31. anurag upadhyay says:

    I can’t see the subtitles. ?

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