First and Last Love Short Film

First and Last Love Short Film

BLOOPERS AND BEHIND THE SCENES Music Video “Ikaw at Ako” by TJ Monterde @TjmusicMonterde…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Directed by- Firoz A Azeez Produced by- Sajin Oxigen D.O.P- Mahadevan Thampy htt…

32 Responses to “First and Last Love Short Film”

  1. solomon balquin says:

    haha . may binabasa na script LOL!?

  2. robertquenery says:

    Sorry po sa di ganon kagandang acting. First time kasi namin itong film na
    to and hindi naman kami ganon ka-praktisado when it comes to acting. Hehe.
    We will do our best to make it better next time. Thank you po sa inyong
    lahat. Hehe! 🙂

    FB: Twitter/IG: robertquenery?

  3. REY ANDES says:

    si gokou at chi2?

  4. Talib Rhajma says:

    Buti naman mag kikita parin cla sa kabilang buhay?

  5. ren jayson lao says:

    maganda, yung girl lang mabagal mag salita, nauutal pa!?

  6. jed riel Pajarillaga says:

    laki ng eye bags nung babae hahahha?

  7. Gem De la pena says:

    kaya nga may seatbelt! nebeyern!?

  8. Mitch Sellers says:

    well practice pa pero may dating parin nmn khit panu?

  9. Louie John Lozano says:

    na ka ralate sana ako kaso parang wlang feeling ung acting pero better
    llackkkkk nxt tym?

  10. scorpio09ization says:

    binabasa ba ni girl ung script habang nasa car sila? xDDD?

  11. Leigh Sango says:

    Ang Sweet <3?

  12. Patricia Gonzalvo says:

    Parang Kenjie At Athena Lang Ang Peg ! Haha .. Nice 🙂 Konting Practice Pa
    Niks :))?

  13. Bordz com says:

    ang ganda ng rule…. kaso ung grl. d man lang marunong gumanap ng rule

  14. katrina camilon says:


  15. Ashly A K says:



  16. rohit br says:

    Good film i like it?

  17. Kevin Fernandes says:

    is it Ansiba Hassan of Drishyam fame in the bus harassing that boy from

  18. Arun Prakash says:


  19. ???? ?? ?? says:
  20. The HeartBrokenBiker says:

    Pretty good, .. a few things though

    1. It was Eve who FORCED Adam to eat the forbidden fruit
    2. Are you saying that in this world women don’t beat men (domestic
    violence), or pay for sex, or sexually assault, rape men or kids, or smoke
    or drink?
    Probably also never seen men who cook for their wives?
    If you think so, then you’ve not seen enough world around.

    I’m tired of these feminist extremist who think it happens only one way
    round. And that what men go through is useless to even consider.
    The question should be “Why do humans treat each other like that?”

    Seems like everyone is wanting to make videos which want to convey that
    women have never ever done any wrong. And this gives them ‘likes’ and
    ‘shares’ like crazy (partly due to some real empathizes, and mostly due to
    people who will like and share and write bravo [without thinking about the
    other way round] just to pose as a supporter – hey look, I’m good person..
    I support this)?

  21. Lionel Clive says:

    ????????? ???? ??????? ???? ?????? ??????? ???? ??????? ???????? ???????
    ?????? ????????? ??????? ????? ??????????? ???????? ??????? ??????… ?

  22. Parvathy Kapoor says:

    lol nice concept?

  23. saravanan kabisthalam says:
  24. Nazmul Hoque says:

    I Like hot sex video. ?

  25. naufal adam says:

    Superb like from Chennai..!!!?

  26. Koki Daniya says:

    Wowwwwwwwwwwwww really superb 🙂 (y)?

  27. Buban Mondal says:


  28. Boopathi Sivarajan says:

    Good one.. ?

  29. krishna kumar says:
  30. vijayakumar T says:

    Very excellent, superb no words?

  31. whatever says:

    gud thought ,, lets hope for the best ……
    both need to change though……… ?

  32. Purushoth Robo says:

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