FBI_shaderLibrary – Installation Instructions

FBI_shaderLibrary - Installation Instructions

The FBI_shaderLibrary is a script for managing your shaders in Maya. For details see my website at www.fullblownimages.com.
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26 Responses to “FBI_shaderLibrary – Installation Instructions”

  1. felix hedberg says:

    Error: line 1: Cannot find procedure “FBI_shaderLibrary”

    whatever am i doing wrong??

  2. Alvaro Andres Sandoval says:

    Can you please help me i cant find the scripts folder on my mac. or can you
    please help me get this great library working on mac os x, please.

  3. thepryest says:

    This is just fantasic! You have done a great job putting so much time into
    this. Its as simple as its supposed to be! Thank you very much!!

  4. Oliver Markowski says:

    please check the archive you downloaded again…it should have the
    FBI_shaderLibrary_cfg.mel included…maybe you just forgot to copy it to
    your scripts folder…

  5. Luis Fernado Rosenstock says:

    Man, I am running into an issue… When I press “execute” on the string
    line I get this message: “// Error: Cannot find file
    “FBI_shaderLibrary_cfg” for source statement.”. I don´t know what to do…

  6. Oliver Markowski says:

    @mtndew999 u need to convert all preview thumbnails from JPG to PNG or
    simply download the new shaderpack … fuckin youtube won’t let me post a
    link here…. check out the thread named “Vray materials?” over at the
    chaosgroup forum “Forum :: V-Ray :: Maya public betaV-Ray :: Maya public
    general” have fun…. …and donate generously 😉

  7. IIIDemon says:

    or you can change the script to load the jpgs. line 199 in the version i’ve
    got: image -w $thumbSizeInt -h $thumbSizeInt -image
    ($newShaderLibPath+”/”+$shaders[$j]+”.png”); just change that png to jpg,
    save the script and source it again.

  8. Cathy Williams says:

    great video…I learned a lot from it. One thing, I somehow managed to have
    my daily reminders read out to me every morning when my alarm went off.
    Somehow, yes, I screwed it up. How do I get my daily reminders read out to
    me when my alarm goes off again? thanks in advance. ?

  9. koltin hembree says:

    That’s not an s4 Lol that’s an s3?

  10. Winston Li says:

    Hahaha, you dirty boy.

    You hid the yourporn app on your phone?

  11. Xx Shizwam xX says:

    In your opinions what is better iphone4s or galaxy s4?

  12. Butterflysugarbaby09 says:

    It really sucks that they don’t give you the option for a Mobile Data
    toggle in the notification tray. They give you EVERYTHING but that.
    Previously I had the LG Optimus G, so I’m slowing adjusting to the Samsung.?

  13. abdula abula says:

    S4 Or S5 -_-?

  14. Akshat Jain says:

    Does anyone know how to get that cool clock on his home screen? ?

  15. Christopher merza says:

    How do you get those notifications on the lockscreen drop down menu. Lik
    your dischargimg info etc.?

  16. Nor Cal says:

    How did u get the battery and other widgets on the lock screen. Thanks?

  17. amar mor says:

    Nize man ,,,, thx?

  18. ata bdman says:

    You did a really good job dude!!! I just bought S4 today……I become a
    BIG FAN OF Samsung Android phone after your iphone for 3 years!!!!! I LOVE

  19. deep and meanful says:

    Thumb up if u learnt nothink?

  20. diegoinla1 says:

    So if any of you are trying to figure out how to get more features on the
    lock screen(like time, tempature, battery percentage, etc..) this video
    does not tell you. I just spent way to long trying to figure it out but
    here it goes. On the lock screen, go to the left and find an open page.
    While still on the lock screen you should see a white + then you add the
    widget called dash clock. You should be able to customize it from there.

  21. 50hellkat2 says:

    What is the “lock screen” you keep referring to? I am not joking. I
    don’t have a clue what you are referring to but understand the rest for the
    most part.?

  22. Laban Burchette says:

    Apple an DROID arguments always so lovely. First Steve Jobs didn’t do
    nothing to create a company but to rip off ms Dos at least DROID is on
    their own. ?

  23. Keej Yang says:

    Thanks (:?

  24. sie rahman says:

    Im gay?

  25. Nantia Katsadouri says:

    why is your call log buttons and the keyboard white??? how can i make it
    white??? because i saw that you haven’t changed the launcher. thank

  26. TheDukesPVP says:

    what live wallpaper is that??

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