Epic Gifs of 2014 PART 14

EnJoY ^_~ FB – http://www.facebook.com/agentlemur ??????????????????????????? Music : 1)DJ Splash – Don’t Fall In Love 2)Audio Paradyne & Stahl! — Angel You…

20 Responses to “Epic Gifs of 2014 PART 14”

  1. ThumbsHunter says:

    good to see you’re still making videos ;)?

  2. YOURsexDOCTOR says:

    Dude, that ant was suicidal. It jumped right into the spider’s embrace.?

  3. Magnic says:

    I don’t like to repeat myself but its as great as always!?

  4. lizziekiss777 says:

    I will x (8D)?

  5. AgentLemur says:

    EnJoY ^_~?

  6. ShivaShandra says:

    Lemur President !?

  7. Liquidsmoo31 says:

    Fucking brilliant as always!?

  8. Audio Paradyne says:

    Nice upload! I realy like your GIF videos and I hope people enjoy you
    having my music in them. 🙂 Thanks for the link! :-)?

  9. demonicangul says:

    Really Lemur this episode was One of the best you’ve ever made. Fucking
    quality throughout, more of this quality please ?

  10. Hrörik Bengtson says:

    Love it as always, keep up the good work.?

  11. TheEnviousdominous says:

    I feel like I’ve been kicked in the face by awesome!?

  12. heftybigalfred010 says:

    I always watch as soon as these come out. Keep up the great work.?

  13. iJesus says:

    The guy at the end is probably dead

  14. Blake Hassler says:


  15. Man No From says:

    i click the “like” in advance for your videos ;)?

  16. ziozzot says:


  17. Wilson Tran says:

    When the spider poped up
    Holy shit ?

  18. Louloe says:

    Good Show Lemur! BRAV?!?

  19. Louloe says:

    Epic Gifs of 2014 PART 14?

  20. jimmicreesti says:

    Best again, Agent! (i’m your critical fan ;)?

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