Epic Gifs of 2014 PART 12

EnJoY ^_~ FB – http://www.facebook.com/agentlemur ??????????????????????????? Music : 1)Jens Jacobsen – Watermelon (!nbome Remix) 2)!nbome —– 3)Arsenium -…

12 Responses to “Epic Gifs of 2014 PART 12”

  1. Paul Vasquez Tejada says:

    My God this gifs are slower than my grandma ttying to figure out how to use
    internet explorer .___.?

  2. Daniel Clarizio says:

    The black avatar guy was so funny?

  3. halfhalo33 says:

    So what was the original song??

  4. TheEnviousdominous says:

    Let there be no Gods before AgentLemur!?

  5. gendalfff says:

    1:18 Eiyuu Densetsu: Sora no Kiseki The Animation

    i don’t get the 4:48?

  6. joe blo says:

    Always love the cat ones thanks for the great video lemur always look
    forward to your videos?

  7. Hrörik Bengtson says:

    Great vid as always. ?

  8. Akuretarie says:

    Was short, but fun ^_~?

  9. Cal Cali says:

    Does anyone know where we can find the guy with the moving hair at?!?

  10. 00bklm says:

    4:49 Source ??

  11. Ana Clara Mattos says:

    Perfect *___*?

  12. Dyslexic Bear says:

    happy 420?

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