Epic Gifs of 2013 PART 9

Epic Gifs of 2013 PART 9

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49 Responses to “Epic Gifs of 2013 PART 9”

  1. Bacon8t0r says:

    Wait wait wait, someone dropped a friggin Maus from a bridge and survived?
    German engineering everyone!?

  2. Robert Keller says:

    5:15 that ride is called ….the NOPE?

  3. Asuna Aerizanthar says:

    what was that thing at the end, and can I ride it.?

  4. Daniel Walker says:

    At about 2 mins.. thats some pretty serious period blood?

  5. cathlic Vier says:

    1:01 hahahahahahaha?

  6. Boreal Lagill says:


    I want it.?

  7. MrRenaxal says:

    smiling dog)?

  8. Tyler Gagne says:

    omg what was that ride at the end i want to ride it ?

  9. TheMasterpiecePD says:

    That last clip was scary as dicks

  10. Aero Âudiosurf says:

    No I was implying that he shouldn’t neglect the quality of this series by
    pumping these videos out in a hurry

  11. foshizzlethisshit312 says:

    don’t worry man we stuck with u this far and it will stay that way Aero is
    just being retared keep up the work man!

  12. gapcrerejvjgj says:

    i wonder what would happin if some one hrew up on that last one……eather
    some ones goung home with chunks of food on them or the janator is gana
    have a lot of cleaning to do XD cuz the voit would be everywhere

  13. Vartius Xerotratus says:

    Damn Olaf… Fed Shyvana.

  14. kajzar says:

    naw soon. you’re doing good.

  15. Steven Reese says:


  16. feroxkyle says:

    Sorry I meant ” No way, This vid is one of the best In your channel. ” a
    comma can change alot lol

  17. Wojciech Ch. says:

    gz men 😉

  18. gilson andrade says:

    i f it means anything i found it outstandingly funny. the only thing is
    that is was shorter then usual, but that something a NORMAL person would
    say “whatever” to. the important thing here is that i got a laugh from it
    and that what counts.

  19. AgentLemur says:

    No guys , you dont understand.Im not doing this for money , i swear. The
    main reason that this episode sucks (for some) is because i did this in a
    hurry.. , ive got a really busy week coming and i didnt want to dissapoint
    u guys by not making a new video. I had to move to the new channel because
    ScaryLemur will be closed really soon.Im really sorry about this , i do
    care about my fans and i will try to make a better episode in next week =/

  20. John Holland says:

    also ScaryLemur is only subject to availability I would have thought, he
    doesn’t make these GIF’s, just uploads them.

  21. mkcrew225 says:

    The one of the knuckle ball is too short to do it justice. You can even see
    the catcher closing his eyes. That pitch was fuckin’ dirrrrty. Good
    episode, thanks.

  22. kukulzax17 says:

    not a good video? seemed fine to me. had a lot of Gifs i hadn’t seen yet.
    Some funny, some interesting, some neither. can’t expect to please every
    viewer with every gif.

  23. bobby dunham says:

    Good job. Now get weirder

  24. Putu Pradnya Upadhita says:

    but they’re still epic tho..

  25. phillip hepyderpy says:

    where does the 4:04 clip come from?

  26. Saint Walker says:

    Does anyone know how to make gif’s longer using this program? My gif is
    only like ten seconds…?

  27. kdahl says:

    earned yourself a sub mate c:?

  28. ????? ???? says:

    is there a time limit? it cuts my gif in the middle?

  29. Kitty Cow says:

    I had color problems too?

  30. TheBadkill22 says:

    You have to drag and drop the video into windows movie maker if you just
    copy and paste it doesn’t work like that so if you have problems contact me
    on Skype: TheBadkill22

  31. Linda Roob says:

    thanks so much fro your help!(:

  32. TheDebely says:

    can i put gif on Team Fortres 2 ?

  33. Nam Tina says:

    did you put a effect on movie maker, or Format Factory made the quality
    like that? D:

  34. Garland Ellis says:

    Easy but the quality is horrible no matter what I do

  35. DJ Zippy says:

    Thanks! Very helpful.

  36. TheBadkill22 says:

    No Problem

  37. TheBadkill22 says:

    I don’t think it can get any better quality but your welcome to try

  38. MrsOcta says:

    it doesn’t work for me. when I open the gif it doesn’t move 🙁

  39. TheBadkill22 says:

    yes but the quality does not look too good so try to find something else

  40. ForgottenMemoriesFM says:

    Helped a lot thanks

  41. maraphernalia says:

    you don’t have to use the youtube downloader if you use offliberty. no,
    this is not an advertisement. i came here to learn how to make gifs. it’s
    just an awesome. really easy to use site.

  42. camEEla caPLAYA says:

    hey i know this is old but do you know how to put gif into a video?? if i
    put a gif in movie maker it doest move and i dont want to go and find
    vidoes and crop it

  43. Bryan Aprato says:


  44. Ash schmidt says:

    Thanks this helped a lot. ^.^

  45. IchirukiSasusaku says:

    i cant put my gifs on tumblr, what do i do?

  46. TheBadkill22 says:

    your welcome and maybe the reason it was you have to find a bigger picture

  47. TheBadkill22 says:

    You got to be careful about pop-ups sometimes you have to choose custom
    download cause those people put pop-up in there for your computer and trust
    me it drives me nuts too sometimes

  48. Christine Cavillry says:

    Thank you!!1 I made my first GIF, but it was not clear like yours, the
    colors were completely off and it was small, Any advice?

  49. DBSpy1 says:

    Is Format Factory safe?

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