ENGLISH “Crossing Field” Sword Art Online (AmaLee)

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Video Rating: 4 / 5

23 Responses to “ENGLISH “Crossing Field” Sword Art Online (AmaLee)”

  1. LeeandLie says:

    I’ve seen a TON of requests for it and YES! I’m currently working on
    Ignite~! 🙂 ?

  2. LeeandLie says:

    whoahohwwhaw almost 4 million views! :O ?

  3. DatGama says:

    First half of the first season was great, turned to absolute shit.?

  4. The Blind Bandit says:

    Asuna is my biggest reason why i hate this anime :p?

  5. Jessie Chan says:

    This will probably the next song I sing.~ ^^?

  6. zombieslaya3456 says:

    I love SAO but I feel like the the fairy part in alfheim was kinda eh I
    mean for example asuna she went from being a badass swordswoman to a
    typical damsel in distress and it sort of annoyed me. Also the suguha
    loving kirito I mean I get it love is love but he is still your cousin.
    Finally they took the whole death game thing out of the picture that’s what
    really got me. Oh well if you disagree with me go ahead and say why but
    don’t be jerks about it okay? I didn’t say I didn’t like it but it’s not my
    favorite part of the show ?

  7. LetsPlayFBI1 says:

    Ty to TheDaBoKi & Maplestory for leading me here.?

  8. Kazuto Kirito Kirigaya says:

    I just had this memorized in Japanese why did i find this now???

  9. Narwhals Can have says:

    Love the music to death,but SAO kinda sucked with the characters.Not trying
    to hate,but Kirito was loved by like EVERY SINGLE GIRL and he was way too
    overpowered.Still give it a 7/10 though.?

  10. TwoFacedTwinkie says:

    Watched the first 2 episodes. I’ll say this anime is FUCKEN badass so far!?

  11. Annie Leonhart says:

    The show is good but its like getting more intense o-O ?

  12. SenpaiEdits ? says:

    Am I the only one who actually ENJOYS this anime? It had everything an
    anime should have, romance, action, & drama. I especially enjoyed the
    romance cause I’m a freak, do admit got a little scared when I found out
    sugu was about to fuck her “brother”, but it’s cool. It had some nice plot
    twists, showed many emotions, even though I wish it showed more information
    on characters such as Agil, he barely got an episode with Kirito. Anyways I
    really liked this anime and brings up to mind that a VRMMORPG could be
    possible with technology growing rapidly nowadays. 10/10, some flaws but
    not some.?

  13. 14supersonichedgehog says:

    i just finished watching season 1, episode 3 of this show and i almost
    cried! :,)?

  14. BananaCreeperGaming says:

    I went to this Anime Convention they had yesterday and they played this
    song xD ?

  15. XSupersmashbrosmelee says:

    I just realised this video was uploaded on my birthday 2 years ago.. .?

  16. Syv Wolf says:

    All words wrong ?

  17. Lissette Galvan says:

    stopped watching sao after ep 11, i really like the theme song tho. i might
    go back to watching the anime, but i herd it gets worse from then on
    something about asuna becoming a damsel in distress, kirito becomes an elf
    for santa.. someone gets raped.. Asuna gets pregnaught… basically horible
    things. ?

  18. A Explosive Donkey spanker That eats lemon Burritos says:


  19. godzillaisnuclea123 says:

    Is this a translation or words that fit??

  20. bleachchatmaker100 says:

    This is good.
    Great job.?

  21. Mix Jackson says:

    wow sounds awesome
    +Sabrina ljesnjanin +Seowon Back +Sharmin Kashem +Kiriyo Aihana
    Kuroyukimotou ?

  22. Dr. David Plays says:

    Honestly this anime got me into mmorpg’s I have started on Aura kingdom
    (ako) and I really love it, I have so much fun with my guild and its a
    total blast when we go around doing stuff. Does anyone know a really good
    mmo thats like ako? or sao??

  23. molgurath kronish says:

    i hate that the season is over ;(?

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