Emma’s Story (short film, bullying)

Emma's Story (short film, bullying)

A short film based around three main themes, bullying, body image and suicide. Directed by Tyler Beckley.

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  1. bcj5862 says:

    This is fake, the pills are actually tic tacs.?

  2. nadirah santa says:

    My six year old sister just committed suicide not to long ago because some
    fifth graders were bullying and all they got was detention I think they
    should have more my sister is dead now and she did nothing wrong she was
    the best thing that happened to me and now she is gone


  3. Vannessa Colemansane says:

    This is not helping my problem at all, it would be best to end but i’m not
    leaving the world so shortly i reach the end and dig deep stand up if it
    doesnt work kiss me goodbye.
    i won’t end but i will tell u bullys have their own hobbys try to be
    friends and not to get incouraged to bully with them tell a grown up or
    someone who cares i’m being bulied by my own bestfriend everytime she hits
    me when i try to do something nice but i try to keep her as my friend cause
    she has no others but she seems to be calling me a bully and i have done
    nothing the only solution she thinks of on herself if suiside but i sadly,
    am the one who’s being blamed for bullying when i’m the one being bullied
    by her so its a lose lose situation i decided to switch schools, even worst
    there were 4 bullys and 1 was her she found out what school i go to now and
    pushes me down and laughs in my face. And my mom wishes i wasn’t even born
    cause i was a ‘mistake’ and i’m not killing myself. I’ll just take it
    untill i go to college they’ll be the sorry ones they’ll see that i’m
    smarter than them and that bullying is not solving any of problems but i
    know. I’m not a stupid dumb blonde who would kill myself of such stuff.
    Other’s say im weak but i’m strong inside and sorry for spilling my
    feelings but i have to trust somebody who cares and i know some of you are
    haters who would proberly bully me more just know… I’m not weak i don’t
    kill myself, i live till the end and that’s it.?

  4. Toni Gerholdt says:

    who will be that one person to help someone who is being bully. we can stop
    this from happening just speak up and stand up against bullying. lets
    prevent this from happening.?

  5. Juliamahima???? says:

    My Antie dropped out of school in gr.9 because of bullying ?

  6. angelikie george says:

    R.I.P Emma A very SAD story?

  7. Saba Soulayman says:

    What is cyber ?

  8. Luna Mistheart says:

    I have been bullued but i slapped the bully and they have stopped since?

  9. Iz Ombie says:

    This made tears come out of my eyes. I was once cyber bullied til the point
    of suicidal thoughts, but then Someone saved me… This video is so true.
    If this is a true story I can tell she was bullied because others were
    jealous of how hot she was and they were ugly. Knowing that this happens
    everywhere and someone is doing it right now as you read this makes me sad.
    R.I.P. Emma ?????

  10. Halima Bako says:

    Sad story?

  11. Miranda Mcmahan says:

    I hate bullies
    Do you hate bullies?

  12. IHateKingAaron817 says:

    i get bullied beacuse what were and pepole say that my shoes are from
    walmart ?

  13. Julia D says:

    RIP emma?

  14. alorna zmerzlikar says:

    This is for people that have been bullies or called ugly or stupid so u
    haven’t been bullies then get out of here why are u watching this?

  15. Priscilla Johnson says:

    Ashley u are horrible. My teacher said it’s teasing if u get called it once
    or twice and it stops but he’s wrong if I get called fat once and never
    again I can call it bullying?

  16. Helen Krueger says:

    Yes, we can REDUCE bullying. Please check “Bucky Bear WAS A Bully” and

  17. Pamela Romero says:

    I WIS PEOPLE WOULD STOP BULLYING i am bullied alot everyday and no one seem
    to care :'(?

  18. JefferyAllen Woods says:

    Ive been bullied before,and its not as people think it is.its people Hating
    you.definition of hate:you want to kill some one the next time you see
    them.Its not la dee da you called me fat,not at all.its people insulting
    you in all ways possible,threatening you,even though they dont even know
    your name.But truly,the one main way to get rid of a bully is to be the
    sweetest person ever.You say ‘thank you’ when they call you ugly, you show
    no fear or sadness at all because a bully bullies to feel better about them
    selves by making people feel worse,so if you seem happier,they will get mad
    and stop.Or,you can tell an adult,if no one responds,then you tell a
    friend,no not one friend,all of them.If you seem loved and protected by
    people you know and love,your less of a target.See,on the other hand,as my
    father always says,they hit you,its all fair game.you can punch them in the
    face for slapping you.?

  19. Sparkling Glitter says:


  20. Amiah Proctor says:

    R. I..P?

  21. Renata Carone says:

    great job, Tyler!?

  22. Jasmine Radford says:

    I got bullied just for going out with a boy who is a year younger than me
    is that wrong?????

  23. Sasha Rose says:

    what’s the beginning song??

  24. starlaeuropa says:

    I got bullied throughout school and was miserable the whole time – it still
    affects me now and every time I hear of another kid pushed over the edge by
    bullying it fills me with rage and sadness. I really fear for my kids,
    having to be around these little sociopaths whose only real purpose is to
    make life as miserable as possible for their chosen victim(s). I only hope
    they will be strong enough to come and talk to me if this happens to them.
    If you are being bullied – please don’t suffer in silence – talk to a
    parent, older sibling, teacher or any other adult you trust.?

  25. Amari Rosquete says:

    Rip emmea?

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