Eminem – The Monster (Explicit) ft. Rihanna

Download Eminem’s ‘MMLP2’ Album on iTunes now:http://smarturl.it/MMLP2 Music video by Eminem ft. Rihanna “The Monster” © 2013 Interscope.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

24 Responses to “Eminem – The Monster (Explicit) ft. Rihanna”

  1. Dorota Nazarkiewicz says:

    “im friends with the monster”?

  2. RedCatracho says:

    Is the song about slim shady? ?

  3. Chris Madzier says:

    Hi Y’all got a special guest host tonight and he wished this song first!!

    #soundsofsunday ?

  4. sara pacher says:


  5. EsRa Ayd?n says:

    türk yok mu türk :Dd?

  6. Supreme Empire says:

    Eminem’s best songs are the ones were he collabs with others . especially
    rihanna haha . MMLP2 is my favorite album of all time and it always will be
    . can anybody spare a min to give me some feedback ? Highly appreciated?

  7. LuckyMusiqLive says:

    I’m a rapper getting known quickly on here. I love my fans with all my

  8. RezAIIDay says:

    Eminem and RiRi make great music together, they are dope. Im growing each
    day as an artist and my song ‘CRAZY’ is blowing up. If you could spare
    2min? to check it and my other music it would mean the world 🙂 thank you
    for your time?

  9. SikKidMusic says:

    I hate how this music industry plays 2 chainz, lil wayne etc. but BARELY
    eminem on the radio..THUMBS UP IF YOU AGREE!!! Eminem’s a MONSTER & Is the

    He inspires my music, I make music about life….Check it out, I was told I
    sound like him?

  10. Yasmine Chim says:

    Eminmen is the only white guy who can rap?

  11. earlyriseband says:

    Can you check out my music guys? ?

  12. Emily Weaver says:

    So this is about him going crazy because of fame??

  13. kelly feger says:

    Eminem is no ‘god’. In fact, he’s a woman-hater, and gay-hater. And to his
    fans: Doesn’t anyone believe in family anymore? Doesn’t anyone respect the
    mothers of this world? Is it okay, is it cool to exploit, humiliate, and
    embarrass the mother of your child to the entire world, just because you
    have a microphone in your hand? If you agree that it’s okay to humiliate
    the mother of your child the way Eminem did, you’re trash, just like him.
    She gave up her body and life to be the mother of his child. He gets to
    travel the world, sleep, eat, drink, whatever and whoever he wants. Yet he
    still feels he needs to humiliate the mother of his child? GROSS. No wonder
    she left his ass. And is it okay to talk about violence against people who
    are LGBTQ? There’s art and poetry, and then there’s HATE disguised as art
    and poetry. Just because you have talent, doesn’t mean you should use it to
    spread HATE.?

  14. Attila The Pun says:

    Eminem is amazing I am a British rapper trying to get heard if you have a
    spare few minutes have a listen, thanks for reading peace?

  15. Chris Madzier says:

    Well that’s not fair!!! :-))))

    #soundsofsunday ?

  16. Danni Biersack says:

    I don’t know what to feel about Eminem, on one hand I’ve heard loads of
    people praise him on skill and the lyrical content of *some* of his songs
    but on the other I’ve heard people hate on him for what he stands for or
    some cap like the o.O?

  17. wally pb merrill says:

    Rhianna / Eminem … the Monster?

  18. Nate Juravle says:

    I love this song! <3
    If you guys have some time to spare come by & check out my beatboxing
    Thanks guys I appreciate all the support! :)?

  19. perrymkwii says:

    best white rappers is Eminem and Macklemore. ?

  20. Pilot Luke says:

    Let’s start a story..
    One day Eminem decided to…?

  21. Juliana Lima says:

    Amo essa musica <3?

  22. Shelly Olivas says:

    Eminem – The Monster (Explicit) ft. Rihanna: http://youtu.be/EHkozMIXZ8w
    Oh yeah?

  23. jaws shark says:

    Yeah just like I thought actually the one way that eminem got famous that
    he sold his souls so y’all talkin shit about the real rappers? The real of
    WCC or ECC y’all should get a life there’s a difference between the rappers
    y’all saying check out his lyrics but exactly where is the real lyrics the
    90’s & 80’s real rappers were ‘ criminal world wide mob lyrics ‘. Like it
    or not but that’s the truth!!!?

  24. Nassim Allali says:

    real stan knows all songs at the beginning ?

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