Easy Social Media Icons in the WordPress Navigation Menu

In this quick video, learn how to add social media icons to the WordPress Navigation Menu using just CSS without PHP or Plugins. And do it in a way that make…
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This video will show you how to change app icons in iPhone/iPod Touch or iPad! It works for every iDevice supporting iOS 5.0 or later. You need to jailbreak …

40 Responses to “Easy Social Media Icons in the WordPress Navigation Menu”

  1. Kelly Coe says:

    Thank you SO much for this tutorial! I have been working on this for 4
    hours with no luck- until I saw your video! You’re a lifesaver :)?

  2. Liz Stavrinides says:

    Nathan, thanks for the great tutorial. What do I need to do to get the link
    to open in a new window in the Style.CSS? Thanks.?

  3. Docs that Matter says:

    Hi Nathan! Thanks for this video. I am using the Motion Picture theme –
    could be why – but my icons aren’t showing up at all (the hover does) –
    could you possibly shed some light on my problem? Thanks!?

  4. crazybainy says:

    Hey Nathan, great tutorial. We are having a problem with the icon
    disappearing on the hover, which it also did in your tutorial. Any ideas?

  5. Barbara Barlow says:

    Im a newbie so bear with me. The icon is repeating but I have it to
    background-repeat: no-repeat; Anyone know?

  6. João Roque says:

    It only works with the first one…

  7. Fran Kearns says:

    Hi There. I was so happy to find this tutorial which is very easy to follow
    (even for a novice like me) but the icons are not showing up. I understand
    it may be something to do with my theme but perhaps you could spell it out
    for me? Thanks

  8. Estella Artistry says:

    Hi there, Thanks for this tutorial! I’ve followed it and it is working
    except for one thing, when I hover my mouse over the nav bar, I can see
    where the buttons are, however I can’t actually see the buttons. My menu
    has got a background image (installed by the theme im using). is there a
    way to make the icons be seen in the nav bar?

  9. Shane D Rosenthal says:

    Dude, thanks so much, you saved me all the time of figuring this out myself
    and putting the video together for others. BTW this is my first comment on
    youtube, been using it for like 7 years, that’s how much you rock!

  10. SJ Begonja says:

    Damn, i did them all and now they 1) disappear on hover and 2) are spaced
    sooooo far a part. Any ideas why? Thanks.

  11. dontmindifido32 says:

    .menu-twitter a:hover {background: #f5f5f5 !important; }………. delete
    this part of the code.

  12. Romona Myles says:

    Thank you Lisette R.! lol

  13. inkonspicuousss says:

    Hey guys. I can make these icons show up no problem, and it looks good.
    But, they don’t seem to be hyperlinks. I don’t know why. Only the standard
    arrow showing when I hover over them, not the pointing hand. Any idea why
    this is? Does it make a difference that I am working from a child theme?
    Thank you!

  14. Neil Harper says:

    Thanks Nathan I knew there had to be a simple and elegant non plugin
    solution love iconfinder tip. Thanks saved me alot of plugin fishing! Neil

  15. Lisette Rozenberg says:

    For the lazy people: .menu-twitter { text-indent: -9999px;
    background-image: url(images/social-twitter.png) !important;
    background-repeat: no-repeat !important; margin-left: 100px !important;
    width: 50px; } .menu-twitter a:hover { background: #f5f5f5 !important; }

  16. Greg Desoto says:

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    wordpress. It really is the most complete wordpress course ever. You can
    watch a sneak peek from this training on my channel.

  17. Jonny Carlberg says:

    To complicated on the New version.?

  18. Mohamed eltahir says:

    I bought a gun shot my phone and the tweek was the only app that survived ?

  19. Amirah Brooks says:

    OMG thank you so so much !! Your a life saver ! ?????

  20. flynn bose says:


  21. Elementary My Dear Watson says:


  22. Belligerence says:

    Your so fucking dumb can’t you see it’s alphabetized?

  23. KurtUkNuts says:

    i deleted everything with the name icon pasted the one i wanted in put it
    still the same icon but when i click on it i can see the other icon
    underneath it and then it loads , any help ??

  24. EddieBoy abad says:

    Hi i change the icon of map on ios 6.1.6 now the map turns to white icon
    and cannot open,,,can u please copy the map.app on ifile and send to
    me..thank you o need ur help guys?

  25. justice beswick says:

    Ur a fag?

  26. KS HacksMLG says:


  27. Klaxon SCP says:


  28. Jack Howley says:

    Thanks, this really helped. You earned a subscriber

  29. Cole Hood says:

    One i wanted

  30. umajr junior says:

    by the way,,where apps are named in giberrish,,,,,eg,,2HFHFJJ-GYY5……you
    can change it by,,clicking settings in ifile and select show app names!!!!

  31. fedism says:


  32. Federico Gosalvez says:

    UGH.. That would be a cool app tho

  33. shash358 says:

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  34. raZe Tech says:

    How would this work if u had a winter board theme like iPhone circles?

  35. oOLegitGamingOo says:

    worked ios 6.1.3

  36. fermin rodriguez says:

    push edit and put app names on ifles

  37. HallooIedereen says:

    lol you suck

  38. anigerkoh says:


  39. Da Bee says:

    A B C D E F G H (I)

  40. bonsa deressa says:


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