DVTV – How to Avoid Adobe Creative Cloud

Visit http://nextwavedv.com for more news, reviews and training. In this episode of DVTV, we follow up on the Adobe Creative Cloud debate and share ways to a…

24 Responses to “DVTV – How to Avoid Adobe Creative Cloud”

  1. Chris Thorton says:

    Sounds like a commercial for Adobe. Fact is Adobe needs a continuous
    revenue stream and will get this with Creative Cloud — but not from me.
    Sorry, Adobe CC is not for professionals. Professionals like me do not
    want to have projects hung up because CC keeps cancelling my subscription
    or because of internet problems (these and many other problems are found in
    detail on the Adobe forums). Adobe CC is actually for students and casual
    users. They pay a short term fee for their pet project, use all the nifty
    features, and then cancel their subscription when they are all done.
    Students love CC — many professionals like myself and those who have
    posted below can’t stand it. Time for me to leave Adobe far behind and
    move on.?

  2. Mike H says:

    The problem using adobe elements is that it doesn’t support high definition
    So for some of us, even using elements is no longer an option.
    adobe is really forcing most legitimate users down the pirate route.?

  3. Sukhi Rai says:

    Everyone check out Hit Film Ultimate 2 on youtube?

  4. Jeffrey Baughman says:

    How to Avoid Adobe Creative Cloud- Piracy. ?

  5. Eric Minten says:

    It is terrible. Adobe CC = Adobe CashCow !!! Hope Adobe wil be hit hard.
    There never has been more critique on a adobe release. I am a professional
    a daily user and don’t like it at all. Even when CC is supposed to be for
    people like me.?

  6. Scott Ennis says:

    And yes I am a professional user. Google me…?

  7. Continuum7 says:

    I hate the whole creative cloud subscription based setup.

    I want to own my products, not pay a lifetime fee …?

  8. Andre LL Media says:

    adobe elements is way too striped back if your looking for a good editing
    programme and want to be able to create something that looks professional
    and hate final cut 10 (like me) try a program called “HIT FILM” look it up
    on youtube. ?

  9. dgeviper says:

    I am an Emmy-winning motion designer in the TV industry. I am very
    anti-cloud and want nothing to do with the “Elements” products. Creative
    Cloud is a nightmare.?

  10. Scott Ennis says:

    Adobe Creative Cloud is a complete scam. The fact is Adobe can get more
    money per yearly subscription then they can by selling physical software.
    Just as the free to play game scam does for gamers. In the long run they
    generate more revenue from each person. What’s sad is that other companies
    are moving to this strategy. Digital Juice now has a similar model. Up
    front it looks cheaper but in the end you are getting slowly juiced for
    cash. I call these strategies, THE LOAN SHARK REVENUE MODEL. Think about

  11. Viktor Vedmak says:

    This entire trend of software companies RENTING rather than SELLING
    products is just driving more people to pirate it instead. I remember what
    I could just buy a game or program and use it on as many computers as I
    wanted to. Then it stared with music first and just spread to have to pay
    several times to use same thing on my multiple devices. Its bs. Cost is
    irrelevant, principles and freedom are not.?

  12. Daniel Johnson says:

    Why are people hating on this video? I think it’s great, Tony.

  13. Ursack Blows says:

    I just want Dreamweaver CS6 because I got used to CS4 and CS5 when I
    started pirating those software and since I want to work for a company I’m
    doing this for legitimate reason, but Adobe is pushing me to pirate if they
    don’t have the option of buying either full or subscription. This is
    getting pathetic. They’re bombarding me with these Cloud Creative crap
    where I can’t even find in their site to buy the full version since I have
    the money to burn.

  14. Chris Blair says:

    Hitfilm is pretty cool once you get used to it.

  15. Brent Newton says:

    And simply clicking “ok” to the update prompt is too hard? Cloud based
    software is a method of control. You will never again own a version of
    Photoshop past cs6. No one will.

  16. Ronald Bigbie says:

    Don’t even rent money pay cash up front. Live free! …the borrower is a
    slave to the lender.

  17. raredreamfootage says:

    Don’t drink corporate koolaide Tony, the fact is what is deemed
    “professional” in the film world is highly overrated and overpriced because
    video as a media doesn’t take much to process relative to say real-time 3d
    graphics. The bandwidth used in 5K for instance is no where near real-time
    3d graphics. It is because it lacks an open standard that empowers RED to
    inflate pricing.

  18. VMXGroove says:

    Adobe is going to learn the same hard lesson that Netflix did when they
    tried launch cloud services too soon. I predict that Adobe will lose so
    many customers that they will reverse or revise their position, at least
    for now… They only way to get their attention is to hurt them in the

  19. NextWaveDV says:

    There is nothing stopping you from using whatever professional tool you
    want, but the better the tool the more the financial investment. Anyone who
    wants to learn on Adobe’s pro line of software has to be willing to make
    that investment.

  20. olsonspeed says:

    Creative Cloud is the Kool-Aid, drink and believe. CC is about providing a
    monthly revenue stream, the holy grail for software developers. Those in
    the room that receive income or perks from Adobe, raise your hand now.

  21. Jim Enigma says:

    This guy is a moron!

  22. Homewood Fingerboards says:

    I agree with this reasoning, but I think what will happen is by the time
    you fully pay off 1 program, and start “paying off” another program, the
    1st program will already be due for an upgrade, which would cost you more
    money. Not to mention if you wanted to buy other programs. So I think
    paying $50 a month to have the current version of all the programs makes
    sense. I’m just playing devil’s advocate and trying to understand Adobe’s
    reasoning. Not 100% sure which is more correct though.

  23. Channing Martinez says:

    i just subscribed to this channel…and i’m not sure which professionals
    that your speaking about…but let me remind you…we live in a recession,
    and many professionals are not getting as much work as they need to even
    pay their rent. just because we don’t wan’t to pay a company for the rest
    of our lives doesn’t make us amateurs as you suggest. if this is your only
    solution..if you can’t afford it then use an ammeter program or don’t use
    our software..then there seems like no point to this vid

  24. Nailuj Producciones says:

    Nuke is so much different than affter effects… but there are not many
    more options! and I live in South America, things here are very inaccessible

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