Drawing time lapse: FIFA world cup trophy (Germany won it) – hyperrealistic art

Drawing time lapse: FIFA world cup trophy (Germany won it) - hyperrealistic art

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15 Responses to “Drawing time lapse: FIFA world cup trophy (Germany won it) – hyperrealistic art”

  1. Dustin Cochran says:

    Marcello Barenghi is an amazing artist, however, I feel the tracking
    between the last “F” and “A” in FIFA and definitely between the “D” and “C”
    of World Cup are off. Erase it and start over…?

  2. Boban Pesov says:

    Grande Marcello :D?

  3. Jso's Productions says:

    What’s wrong with the top??

  4. Visual Intelligence says:

    why didn’t he finish the top, i was waiting for it :p?

  5. Marcello Barenghi says:

    The 2014 FIFA World Cup begins today 🙂 May the best team win!
    This drawing took me 4h. and 16m. Thanks for watching :)?

  6. Danny says:

    Hey Look, it’s that thing Brazil won’t get!?

  7. MechaPenguin says:

    This guy is a god.?

  8. MrFynnBoyGamingPro says:

    Fix the Top! Good gaawd…. My UFD is kicking in! lol?

  9. VietViolinist says:

    I searched “best drawing in the world” and this came up first.
    Congratulations and fantastic job! :)?

  10. Alif Teguh Putra says:

    drawing fifa world cup trophy?

  11. Serena Costantino says:

    Incredible but true !?

  12. Ranjan Bahali says:

    Just think guys how beautiful color is this person using… not only this I
    am a friend of his mom’s friends friends friends friends uncles daughters
    servant fathers mom?

  13. Dusan Andjelic says:

    @Marcello Barenghi

    I hope you earn millions of dollars, euros, whatever… your tallent is out
    of this world! ?

  14. ThegamingWizUrd says:

    A bitch that draws anime comes in and says, I can draw better, then the guy
    drawing, will be like hey, he draws a twin bar in like an hour, and the
    anime person goes home and does drugs XD?

  15. Ruby Hesketh says:

    I KNOW RIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!?

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