Drawing Time Lapse: a mustard sachet – hyperrealistic art

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24 Responses to “Drawing Time Lapse: a mustard sachet – hyperrealistic art”

  1. Boban Pesov says:

    Mi fa cagare la mostarda, ma sto disegno è fantastico :D?

  2. Gina Häußge says:
  3. Bears&Cookies says:

    Do you actually get sponsored by the brands whose products you draw? :p?

  4. Marcello Barenghi says:

    This drawing of a mustard sachet took me 4 hours. Here’s a timelapse video
    showing the full drawing process. Thanks for watching :)?

  5. PaimasCPGaming says:

    Product placement ^^?

  6. Abdullah Alkhelewy says:

    draw a cellphone?

  7. Tim Schmit says:

    What kind of paper do you use please??

  8. Daniel Bos says:

    It seems so easy… What a skill, and with such a wide variety of drawing

  9. bigboungstudio says:

    Amazing as always.?

  10. TN TN says:

    Draw moving water next! ??

  11. Taylor Swizzle says:

    draw a tv?

  12. VChoxo says:

    Once again, I’m completely amazed…?

  13. Doraemonrulz says:

    omg do you feel like you are actually drawing on a real packet xD hahaha so
    amazing !?

  14. Danrley Chaves says:

    fenomenal, sensacional ,parabéns ?

  15. Alessandro esp says:


  16. Amy Kazama says:

    Can you make a hyper-realistic drawing of an animal??

  17. rosmerimine says:

    I want to see hyperrealistic art of a pack of wilder beast being chased by
    a pack of lions, complete with african plains and a honey badger.?

  18. TheTeaCup Games says:


  19. ???? ???? says:


  20. Valerio Principessa says:

    pazzesco… sempre più grande, veramente, hai un talento invidiabile

  21. Elisa C says:


  22. laughforlifeify says:

    Incredible, I love the detail its so exact ?

  23. LPS Grace says:

    OMG ????

    You are such a good drawer! It looks so real! ???? ?

  24. Aggelos tou ouranou says:

    Holy fuck man o_O?

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