Drawing time lapse: a bag of M&M’s – hyperrealistic art

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21 Responses to “Drawing time lapse: a bag of M&M’s – hyperrealistic art”


    Your good?

  2. TruthSurge says:

    how are you drawing the M&M logo freehand w/o it being projected onto the
    substrate via projector etc? Seems you’d have a hard time getting that
    right w/o some kind of guide.?

  3. Alex Kennedy says:

    Of all the things you could draw hyper realistically, why choose such
    banal, everyday things? It’d be cooler if you drew impossible things. ?

  4. Ishtar Alzubaidy says:

    ME: *looks at thumbnail* nah thats just a m&ms packet on paper

    ME: *watches video* OH MY GOD?

  5. Chloe Fodell says:

    Dats good but what do u do with those? Pranking??

  6. Jaque Cavaller says:

    This draw it’s so delicious!!(Just kidding, haha) I’m from Brazil, but I
    speak Inglish hehe (sorry if this coment have wrong words ;/)
    I love your videos!! :D?

  7. JoinCrossFire says:

    At some moment it looks like he’s just drawing a shadow under an acual pack
    of M&Ms?

  8. SwedishSpeedPainter says:

    Watching This and Then look at my m&m bag in my room.. XD?

  9. Zaizun Kazuma says:

    Try prancing your friends with this :3?

  10. Nyan Cat says:

    please never stop drawing! :)?

  11. Sara Venturi says:

    Che figata!!?

  12. K Mack says:

    Do you currently live in Italy Marcello??

  13. TeleGrezzo says:

    Sei fantastico, ogni volta che finisci un disegno sembra veramente
    l’oggetto reale.?

  14. Martin Antonio says:

    st one point i was really thinking he was just flying pencills and markers
    over and m&m’s packet?

  15. Chiara Rosini says:

    Che figata!!?

  16. TheMissPelled says:

    dont think that if i had that drawing that i would hang it on the wall. Id
    just get too hungry…?

  17. Art Giving says:

    ???? ?

  18. Jago Revrenna says:

    รจ spaventoso!?

  19. Benjamin Luta says:

    i am so impressed…. great work. its magic!!!?

  20. Marcello Barenghi says:

    This drawing took me 4 hours and 45 minutes. Thanks for watching :)?

  21. Joshposh2012 says:


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