DJ Snake & Lil Jon – Turn Down for What

Download the single on iTunes: Director- Daniels Producer- Judy Craig Co Producer- Jonathan Wang Executive Producer- Candice Ouaknine…

“Cool Kids” by Echosmith from Talking Dreams, out now. Video directed by Mark Pellington in Los Angeles, CA. Support this song by leaving a comment, a thumbs up, or sharing it with your friends….
Video Rating: 4 / 5

40 Responses to “DJ Snake & Lil Jon – Turn Down for What”

  1. Sara Oso says:

    Jajajaj mi mejor amiga me enseñó este vídeo para traumatizarme .__. Aunque
    me lo enseñó hace tiempo aun me quedo en shock xDDD wtf?XD?

  2. Jonzu95 says:

    I hate this generation…?

  3. Mr. Glutez says:

    And this, is why terrorists want to bomb America?

  4. Payten Hockman says:

    Is anyone else a kid and now scarred….??

  5. Amir Davoodi says:

    Thanks My dad did just smash My ipad air 7 Times in the street Cuz i
    watched this i didnt Know that this is 18+ ?

  6. smisz huner says:

    Name of the song???????

  7. John Capolino says:

    everything in our generation in one song! #yay ?

  8. Ahmet Umut Tekin says:

    anyone knows what the girl name is ? ?

  9. Dz and prode says:

    Bull-shit !!!!!! ?

  10. Vegeta242 says:

    Like si vienes de rubius :3?

  11. Letric Light says:

    Why is one of the things in the relatable searches top ten torture scenes?

  12. Peusterokos1 says:

    How to get maximum luls without listening to LilJon’s annoying voice:
    – Mute this video
    – Open tab
    – Find Psychosocial by Slipknot
    – Play both videos together
    – ???
    – Profit?

  13. Shelley Lee says:

    I find it so ironic that the asian is the one rocking that big
    indestructible boner. ?

  14. ben ten says:

    The fuck did I just watch ?

  15. aricente says:

    Funny how all the elitist swear that this video is the most vile, tasteless
    thing in the world, and this is whats wrong with humanity and music is
    dying because of this trash…ect. but if you ask me, the people who bash
    on others people opinions, those fuckers are tge ones who are bringimg down
    humamity or whatever?

  16. John Mathews says:

    I love the music video!
    (And btw when Apple was showing it’s iwatch. I saw ”Cool kids” on it. so
    I had a brief fan boy moment)?

  17. SamanthaPotterMusic says:

    You are all cool kids! Be yourself and stay cool! Love this song #Echosmith
    and the new video! :)?

  18. ?The Life of The Teens? says:


  19. I was 6kyan now i am just Ky ?3 says:

    This song <3 it's my life?

  20. AGpixieStudio says:

    Echosmith is amazing, they deserve a lot more views and recognition for
    their talent. This song is amazing aswell, ” Like the cool kids ” : 3 ?

  21. emmanuel ramirez says:

    She beautiful she has a beautiful voice and beautiful songs?????????????????????

  22. TheGamingAuzzi says:

    I hear this all the time on Australian Radio Stations! In love with it!
    Australia loves it too obviously!!?

  23. Nicholas D. Wolfwood says:

    Beautiful voice and great video?

  24. ChezVsTheWorld says:

    I think its amazing how they actually respond to our comments it shows
    great dedication to their fans. Awesome video and great song keep it up :)?

  25. pinkysmidget says:

    I swear I have heard this song 1000000000 times and I still love it. Love
    you guys?

  26. myeon B?o says:

    love Echosmith 🙂 i’m your new fan 🙂 from vietnam ?

  27. Me RaShmitha says:

    Love from India ??????????????????????????????

  28. MC donald says:

    trust me. in a few months you’ll be on top in billboard?

  29. Paulette Jordan says:

    I will always love the original music video because it was the first
    Echosmith music video that I ever saw but this one is still really
    creative. I love how there were real teenagers in this video being
    themselves. I saw you on Vh1 Top 20 on Saturday and can’t wait to listen to
    more music you have in store. You will always inspire me to be myself.?

  30. Chloe Taylor HG says:

    This song is amazing
    Btw I love the music video!?

  31. Mitey Potato says:

    This song is amazing :)?

  32. Rochi Lachica says:

    Eargasmic. ?

  33. AstroDarkSoul31 says:

    Love this song so much!?

  34. Ammar Al-Shimary says:

    hate you guys for getting the song stuck in my head (again)?

  35. Dian Candlelight says:

    Love both versions of the video! 🙂 This is so awesome +Echosmith! 🙂 Nice
    dance moves, guys! Loved the entire Talking Dreams album. Can’t wait to
    hear more from you guys! 🙂 Keep the good music coming! 🙂 ?

  36. Andrew Simpson says:

    I saw a commercial and the song come together for Sam Sung today for

  37. Luter Skendaj says:

    this song is catchy and really good i think i broke repeat button good joob

  38. Equestrianlover 13 says:

    This song is so good it should have more views than what it has.I love this
    song 😀 ?

  39. Bryan Jones says:

    OMG i loved it , i cant stop watching it , great job guys , I’m going to
    subscribe and tell to all my friends about this song and about you :D?

  40. Fat Man says:

    Plays hear in the Caribbean every morning !?

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