DIY Gallery Wall Art – ANNEORSHINE

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20 Responses to “DIY Gallery Wall Art – ANNEORSHINE”

  1. Ann Le {Anneorshine} says:

    Don’t forget to tag me on Instagram @lifeannstyle when you make yours! I
    want to see your recreations!!!?

  2. Ann Le {Anneorshine} says:

    So happy to know you guys are enjoying my Wall Art #DIY!!! 🙂 ?

  3. HolaitsCarmen says:

    omg can you pls do a diy on the prada one with a marbled back? x?

  4. jenna north says:

    What is the background song??

  5. Martina Sofie says:

    Just found you here on youtube and subscribed love you ! ?????

  6. Francesca Rose Alcantara says:

    How can you come up with really cute #DIY ????

  7. valebii 90 says:

    hi! can you tell me when I can buy the picture in the upper right?

  8. Amelia Tonon says:

    Wow back then your videos didn’t look this good and you added more
    well..great things?????

  9. Sydney Lee says:

    Hey ann I was wondering where tht one painting is from the one with the
    fashion magazine sides thank?

  10. Lily Lili says:

    You deserve so much more followers!?

  11. cynthia sagar says:

    Luv luv luv all the projects!! Thanks for sharing :)?

  12. Annie Mckernan says:


  13. Isabel Alamo says:

    Omg the Prada painting is amaaaaaazing! I saw your other DIY for this
    painting but could you pleaaase tell us how to make the background like
    that??? That would be amazing thanks!!?

  14. Desmond Falo says:

    I live close to marfa where the Prada show room is! Its pretty cool?

  15. Joseline Ebenezer says:

    thank you for this idea?

  16. Sofia Ashley says:

    Where is the canvas that is right if the eifell tower from???

  17. Victoria Isabella says:

    I love The Prada . Its So Glittery And Chic . ^^?

  18. Sneha Rawat says:

    Just subscribed! Love this!!??????

  19. Maya Mladenovic says:

    Hi Ann! I have just open my Etsy shop, would you be kind enough to check it
    out and let me know what you think of my art prints? Thanks. I really
    appreciate it! ?

  20. Manasa P. says:

    Your room is so pretty!?

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