Question: What’s the difference between justice and punishment? “I wanted to make a fan film for a character I’ve always loved and believed in – a love lette…

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  1. EmmaCross94 says:

    Edit: Seeing as people apparently can’t understand context, this is a
    response to other commenters, not the video.

    Seeing this video (and the comments), fighting crime with violence looks
    like a good idea. Right? I used to think so too. Well, it’s not. In this
    day and age, crime is all about lack of education (apart from your classic
    psychopath that does it for the thrill). The best way to fight crime is to
    educate people, not deal out “justice”. Locking them up and forgetting
    about them doesn’t fix the issue, it only hides it. Teach people why it’s
    better to do the right thing and 9 times out of 10, they’ll stop whatever
    it was they were doing.

    Gonna edit in another point I don’t see anyone bringing up here. If you
    think you can kill someone who you think is guilty of a crime and get away
    with it just because they’re a criminal, you’re fooling yourself. That shit
    does not stand up in court.

    Behavior like this is thrilling and seems rewarding, but it has no place in
    the real world. That’s what we have games and movies for, so we can deal
    out vigilante justice in games and watch characters we love do it in movies.

    Your brain is your biggest weapon, the world is ruled by people who learned
    how to use theirs.

    That said, this was fucking badass!?

  2. Juan Carlos says:

    This short film by Thomas Jane is reason why *Marvel* needs to make a
    Punisher tv series. I say put Frank Castle on Netflix in all his gory
    glorious punishment!?

  3. Wendy Michele says:

    This is done really great but let me include a warning for you guys who
    follow me:
    This is violent so do not watch if you are around children or have a weak

  4. MrEnderPig says:

    I know its fake, but these kind of videos inspire me to go out and fight
    crime. Not like a cop. No. More in the mind set of a bounty hunter. But i
    don’t want to work for the government or for anyone in that matter, and i
    don’t want to go after people who didn’t pay a ticket ether. I want go go
    after pedophiles, rapist, murderers, punish those who should be punished,
    not put them in a jail cell, with free food. I want to do it because its
    right. i know there are cops out there, but i feel like they dont do as
    good as a job as they could be. There are still drug dealers and killer out
    there because they’re not afraid of what could happen to them because they
    know all thats going to happen is jail time.I want to be like Rorschach,The
    Punisher, Batman all those cool hero’s who put fear in evils eyes. in there
    world drug dealers, murderers, pedophiles, the list can go on, are afraid.
    But they’re afraid because they know the consequences are insanely painful
    and long lasting.The Heros don’t just do it because they get paid, they do
    it because its right and know one else will do what they do. They go to the
    fight instead of waiting for the fight to go to them .?

  5. Dave Gorman says:

    dirty laundry i think its test footage for a new punisher movie. not sure?

  6. Jason Falter says:

    I love Thomas Jane’s dedication to the character of *The Punisher*. +Marvel
    Entertainment should bring him back for another movie or do an ultra
    violent Stars, Showtime, or Netflix version. This short is so freaking

    “I wanted to make a fan film for a character I’ve always loved and believed
    in – a love letter to Frank Castle & his fans. It was an incredible
    experience with everyone on the project throwing in their time just for the
    fun of it. It’s been a blast to be a part of from start to finish — we
    hope the friends of Frank enjoy watching it as much as we did making it.” –
    Thomas Jane?

  7. Danijel Turina says:

    Difference between justice and punishment?
    Justice is to make good people invulnerable to harm. Punishment is what
    becomes necessary when justice fails. ?

  8. CroPETROforever says:

    This is what you do WITH SCUMS of Humanity, no Police, no Courts… THIS IS

  9. Crowley9 says:

    I hear Thomas Jane has been campaigning for a hard R Punisher movie that
    takes place around 1980 and has him indeed as a Vietnam veteran.
    Disney/Marvel goes “Nope!” They want the Punisher fun and light!?

  10. Robin Jamieson says:

    DIRTY LAUNDRY: http://youtu.be/bWpK0wsnitc?

  11. Louis Hill says:

    I remember this coming out and wishing it was a start of something. I have
    always loved the Punisher and unlike most movie heroes this just felt

  12. geargrinder87 says:

    Is it bad if this makes me want the Punisher to be real??

  13. LovelyYTRocks says:

    I don’t think a bottle of Jack is that tough lol.?

  14. Chris Vasta says:

    If you’re a fan of the Punisher (Frank Castle) you’ll enjoy this short. ?

  15. Jason Shaffer says:

    dirty laundry i think its test footage for a new punisher movie. not sure?

  16. khalil m.i.a says:

    Question: if the punisher was a real person, would the world be a better
    place or worse??

  17. Patrick D. says:

    Very cool Punisher short with and from Thomas Jane. ?

  18. Jim Nichols says:

    This is done really great but let me include a warning for you guys who
    follow me:
    This is violent so do not watch if you are around children or have a weak

  19. Steven Grant says:

    And the bottle never broke….?

  20. David Gunn says:

    Why can’t they just make a sequel to The Punisher with Tom Jane back in the
    role as it should be and be done with all this foolishness? He wants to do
    it, the fans want him to do it, so for fuck sakes just get it done Marvel
    and stop wasting time.?

  21. Antonio Galán says:
  22. 10v3aseret says:

    So do not celebrate until the race is over? ?

  23. Helga Vienna says:
  24. inti gonzalez says:

    this is not funny at all:(
    how it this funny i don’t get it??

  25. savin lamichhane says:

    Sehr gut?

  26. Htime20 says:

    so that’s why the chicken crosses the road! I see what you did there. ?

  27. Aemini Akustika says:

    pity on her. this should be a very happy ending but nah.?

  28. naarato uzzaki says:

    Is the lesson not to steal, or that you get punished for having a good

  29. Elizabeth Archer says:

    stop celebrating and grab the food!!! ?

  30. Francis Baylon says:

    Poor Gopher. Things he stole are quickly taken away from him.?

  31. vipin singh says:
  32. sang sangee says:

    awesum …… 😀
    funny short film!!!?

  33. Manoj kashyap says:

    Amzaing Work?

  34. Jose Castro says:

    Best animated short film from oscar The hapless hamste.flv?

  35. Pixel D Studios says:

    Best Animated Short Film “The Hapless”

    – Team Pixel D Studios

  36. KAMIIINCHEN1 says:

    tja der is im arsch

  37. CaptainFrenchFri says:

    Title says hamster there is no hamster

  38. Tiele van Diepen says:

    there’s no punch line

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