Digital Watercolor Technique – Architectural Rendering

This is my tutorial on digital hybrid watercolor rendering technique in Adobe Photoshop. My previous tutorial was a step by step slide show but this time I get into Photoshop to show more in…
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COMO HACER EFECTO HUMO MANUAL [PS](pc)(en español)(facilmente)(explicado)

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18 Responses to “Digital Watercolor Technique – Architectural Rendering”

  1. Seung Ae Yoo says:

    Can you possibly share the water color action with me please… :)?

  2. maharadza01 says:

    May I ask, where exactly could I find “previous tutorial was a step by step
    slide show”?
    BTW, thanks a lot for sharing this one. Great tips!?

  3. elisemillustration says:

    Great tips! Thanks for sharing.?

  4. Duc Phung says:

    +cmistudio May I ask a question: Is this what architecture students learn
    in college when they have to represent their design? ?

  5. Cristobal Manzanares says:
  6. Naeruve says:

    Amazing! Do you happen to have a few of these textures available for
    download? Nice work, I wish I was half as talented with renderings!

  7. stenionet says:

    I like this kind of work. Thanks for make the tutorial.

  8. cmistudio says:

    Take a look at my other video “My Workspace in Photoshop CS4 for
    Architectural Renderings” where I talk about the actions palette. The
    commands that get recorded in the texture action are: open file (where you
    texture is), select your texture, copy, (switch to the file where your
    rendering is), paste into (your selection).

  9. Paris Gala says:

    hey thats pretty cool! how did you add your scanned watercolor textures to
    the actions menu?

  10. Beanzmai says:

    What do I have to study to do these renderings? Just Architecture?

  11. cmistudio says:

    I think getting architectural degree is helpful and I would recommend it.
    My major was architecture but I also had a minor in art. Most of these
    digital techniques I simply learned through trial and error after I
    graduated but the architecture school provided me with the knowledge base
    about art and design to start from.

  12. Charlie Alolkoy says:

    Thank you for sharing. Very generous of you.

  13. wolfgrey08 says:

    Nice tutorial, you are now my master! now i really want to apply my
    knowledge in manual rendering to digital rendering. Big thanks to you!!!

  14. Mónica Chavarría says:

    Search Archimesa and watch a video about their real-time architectural
    visualization work

  15. wolfgrey08 says:

    your work is similar to art and design studio, do you somehow related to
    that company?now i know why their water color rendering is very detailed.

  16. khaled shakshuki says:

    can u make other example with water color rendering please with more detail?

  17. ariana lisseth rodriguez barona says:


  18. Yukari says:

    primer comentario xD?

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