Destiny Patrol Mission Icons and What They Mean

Here’s what all the icons mean during patrol missions. This is helpful so you can go after the types of missions you want to complete.…

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30 Responses to “Destiny Patrol Mission Icons and What They Mean”

  1. Matt Grev says:

    VIP missions are a star in a circle, think you skipped those ones?

  2. The joker with cp says:

    Tank u for explaining the symbol this if very helpful ?

  3. Mark Wootton says:

    Good video, answered my question but was also looking for info on star
    missions.. ?

  4. Josh Nance says:

    Umm, not to be picky but a square turned 45 degrees……. yea, thats still
    a square. Not a “rombus” or diamond or whatever the hell else you were
    talking about.

    That aside, THANK YOU! I needed to know the “kill enemies %” -type patrol
    and you identified it first. Appreciate it?

  5. UnRemix says:

    Keep up these vids!?

  6. H Lazar says:

    The collect items are the triangle/pyramids because that is the icon/shape
    of the drops from the enemies. And the scanning mission icon I think is
    supposed to be a ghost because you use the ghost to scan it. ?

  7. Ritze Jr says:

    Nice video bro! Keep up the good work!?

  8. eclipse omg says:

    This is super helpful thx bro?

  9. Remedy OmG says:

    Here’s what all the patrol mission icons mean! Hope this helps you guys
    with your patrol missions and bounties!?

  10. ip2921 says:


  11. Butrint Salihu says:

    :/ this is just for 30 day ?

  12. Gamergirl1656 says:

    this did not work! D:< this is not helping?

  13. RandomGuy says:

    OMG! Thank you, i have been having this problem for a long time! And now
    its fixed! Thank You! You have earned 1+ Like and 1+ Sub :)?

  14. Ashwin Gupta says:

    How to change Windows Explorer icon ??

  15. Raging Wolf says:

    all of my icons are google chrome and i can’t open any programs!?

  16. Paulo Nascimento says:

    OMG!!!! THANK YOU!!!! ?

  17. Nirish Alakhramsing says:

    Hi i have a qeustion. I have several type of images jpeg en jpg
    ect..Somehow they now are not viewing the image its holding ( for example :
    I have a image of mario and the icon only displays Photo vieuwer image and
    not the file content image of mario) I unassociated / deleted the options
    for the type of images, but still it take Photo Viewer as icon image. How
    do i get the icon back to vieuw the content??

  18. SkyGame Gen says:

    his name is PCmaniacHD and he doesn’t even have hd videos lol?

  19. Champa Nirmalani Silva says:

    do system restore by inserting the windows DVD/CD

  20. Pellumb Sopi says:

    yes this is correct i downloaded there

  21. marken says:

    not working

  22. Jericho Vinarao says:

    that download needs an email verification

  23. ForceBOSS7 says:

    ?????? ?? 😀 ????????? !!!

  24. TubeGamezHD says:

    ME TOO

  25. David Wojcik says:

    Thanks so much you really helped me I had mine set to Mac icons and I’ve
    been looking on how to change them back.

  26. MegaJeLoW says:

    all my icons are blank

  27. TheSandi Hoo says:

    Long Download :O

  28. MediaENT says:

    My computer icons are all blank win RAR icons and by this video it can help
    me turn the icons back to it’s regular icon picture right?

  29. Milos Rosic says:

    I have a problem when I turn on my computer does not come immediately icons
    but after 10 minutes, can someone tell me what is the problem thanks in

  30. madshooter morales says:

    omg dude thanks a bunch, i been stock with those icons from alienware for
    years and now i finally learned to changed them back to default! you rock!

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