Demo of Adobe Audition. Learn how to use Adobe Audition – Part 1

Download Free Trial at Adobe Audition tutorial of how to use this audio production software to easily cre…
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15 Responses to “Demo of Adobe Audition. Learn how to use Adobe Audition – Part 1”

  1. KanD Johnson says:

    I am using this program on a mac I am new to production and macs so I
    couldnt really follow along with this video Either I dont have right click
    on this mac or I dont know how to right click the get to the features your
    were referring to Can you help me out? please thanks?

  2. Redmond Brown says:


  3. radiocreative says:

    @MegaTechnologyGeek you have to select from the cursor options first at the
    top. Select the one furthers to the left with the arrow. Then you simply
    right click on the file and hold.. then drag it where you want.

  4. radiocreative says:

    @toadpoker well excuuuuuuuse me!

  5. Kimsea Chea says:

    wait wait wait =o=

  6. firefoxonme says:

    hey i cant drag the song with the right stick i click something by
    accidence now i cant move the songs please help…

  7. carmac says:

    I like the tutorial , you make things look easy, before I start using my
    adobe audition, I’ve been watching some tuts to record my voice or anyone
    else’s w the program, this is one of the first tutorials I see that does
    not say we have to set up our input device to be able to record, from this
    tutorial it is just a matter of pressing the record button, I don’t want to
    use AA and mess something up, so my question is, Do I have to set up my in
    put device? and If I do, do you have a tut for it? txs

  8. Elliot A says:

    how do you move vocals around…. when you were snipping it and putting it
    in different places

  9. radiocreative says:

    @CROOKLYNSNEWS Go to top drop menu… select Edit… and then in the drop
    down menu select Snapping. You can select or unselect the elements you want
    to snap or not


    how do i get the waves to slide in to place not snap

  11. Johnny Gorow says:

    This is good tutorial. Hey your voice too is great,…..sounds like a disc
    jockey. Thanks 🙂

  12. nuthead611 says:

    just got i off piratebay a hour ago it works fine

  13. esperedion19 says:

    how did you drag down the audio?

  14. radiocreative says:

    First, make sure you have Adobe Audition 3.0 installed, and not the single
    wav editor they offer. Go to “Help” at the top in the program, and drop
    down to “About Adobe Audition”. Your version should say “Adobe Audition
    3.0” Of you have the 3.0 version, then watch the video at 1:09 in the
    video, it shows you how to go between single track mode and multitrack
    mode. If you have Adobe Audition 3.0 installed, then you should see the
    tracks on the right side.

  15. Yara Hooligan says:

    :)) Thanks (::

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