Dear Mom, Dear Dad – Depression Short Film

Dear Mom, Dear Dad - Depression Short Film

This film was recorded and scripted in just a week. It’s for a Moral Project on Depression. Was shot in Nokia Lumia 1020. Testing the power of a Lumia Direct…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

10 Responses to “Dear Mom, Dear Dad – Depression Short Film”

  1. Jordan Mikhail says:

    damn…just damn?

  2. Geraint Hughes says:

    well done?

  3. Ebony Sangre says:

    5:51 ….oh my gosh, that was horrible. :(?

  4. Victorie Coupret says:


  5. Bethany Balsbaugh says:


  6. BouncingSnake says:

    Whow, where do you live? The shadows from the sun right above you look nice?

  7. Kate LoveStruck says:

    I got scared by the car, was like a jumpscare, my heart skiped, skipped a
    beat .O.?

  8. Ruiix Ng says:

    i stunned when? the car hit that guy…O.O

  9. Razor Kazer says:


  10. sibeisiao says:

    Good sound and messages But the actor still can improve bit

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