Dear David – I’ve Been Waiting [ICONS]

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Hey guys, it’s Chris, and today, I wanted to show you how to change the app icons on basically any Android Launcher (EVEN the stock one and GEL). NO root req…

16 Responses to “Dear David – I’ve Been Waiting [ICONS]”

  1. lucas vasconcelos says:

    The God Avicii brought me here with your podcast !!!!! great music man?

  2. Nebojsa Mitrovic says:


  3. Lincon Jeske says:

    Awesome… kind of song that make your imagination flow! ?

  4. Chris BG says:

    +Hameed Ansari yes. It should.?

  5. Chris BG says:

    Very handy little app I found!?

  6. Tipnorin Chan says:

    How do you get that calendar widget??

  7. Franco Murru says:

    I need one day to change all my icons this is really basic and boring
    procedure…..Google launcher is missing Themes Settings to apply any 3rd
    party icons package…..Google please we are in 2014 you can do better then
    that…please update your Launcher once and for all.?

  8. Charles Thompson says:

    Thanks for taking the time to hook us all up with a fresh new look! Nice

  9. Eugenian Toons says:

    Thanks! Works perfectly!?

  10. Hameed Ansari says:

    i want to know that this will work in touchwiz or not?

  11. Said Azizi says:

    Thanks man?

  12. MrHappyMuks says:

    Thanks man!?

  13. Alexander Levi says:

    Thanks Kid good vid keep on it !!!!!?

  14. Smiley says:

    Awesome tip buddy?

  15. Josh VFX says:

    ur a legend worked perfect on my moto x?

  16. Hameed Ansari says:

    this work on touchwiz?

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