Cute Dogs And Adorable Babies: Compilation

In this cute dog and baby video, tune in to se some precious and hilarious moments between dogs , puppies, babies, and toddlers. Precious. SUBSCRIBE TO PETSA…
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No rounds penetrated his body armor, and he made it home with no permanent injuries. This happened in Kunar Province, Afghanistan. *READ* From the cameraman:…

38 Responses to “Cute Dogs And Adorable Babies: Compilation”

  1. Keem Keem says:

    White people are so disgusting. Why would you have your baby chew on a dog
    playable bone? ?

  2. iditansigt says:

    The dog licks your face as a sign of domination. You really shouldn’t let
    it do that, especially not on a baby?

  3. Alyssa Kizer says:

    That dog say on the baby head?????

  4. imaStonesFan says:

    Pugs are soooooooooooooooo UGLY?

  5. Mckayla Hunt says:

    I love dogs, i love cats.. But it’s true they carry salmonella, their
    saliva can’t be near your baby’s mouth. Sure adults can handle salmonella
    but not babies.?

  6. GR Leon says:

    This is so grossly unhealthy & unhygienic for those babies.?

  7. UnseenCaller says:

    Cute, but I wouldn’t want a dog’s filthy mouth licking a small baby right
    in the probably recently was licking its junk. Not healthy for
    the baby.?

  8. Michel lobo says:

    Que ternura …?

  9. Kevin Tran says:

    Oh my gosh! I want to get a Golden Retriever so badly!!!!?

  10. YUSUF PRINCE says:

    I’ve seen many cases were the Dogs attack the babies, just saying not worth
    the risk & besides the money you spend on them you can spend on yourself?

  11. Jackpot says:

  12. minahil ahmed says:


  13. Puppy Castelló says:


  14. Buggerme75 says:

    ..child abuse. These parents shouldn’t have kids ..?

  15. Kriszta Vinnai says:

    A mai nap mosolya! 🙂
    Szép napot mindenkinek!?

  16. ThaGenius101 says:

    White people are unsanitary.?

  17. Ashley Berard says:

    2:01 haha
    And relax people its fine the babies did not get hert so quite your whining?

  18. Thao Bui Kim says:
  19. abbey roberts says:

    yeah should never let dogs near babies cant trust them plus dogs get
    jealous and try everything to get there owners attention for you to laugh
    at how your dog accidently knocked over your baby i find that disturbing?

  20. dlpetta says:

    WTF is the problem of that parents who let the dogs lick the baby
    it is not funny or cute, it is dangerous for baby health!!!?

  21. truecountrygal says:

    It’s obvious that someone is watching the child when the dog is near so
    everyone stop crying wolf! .-. Yes there has been cases where children were
    killed by dogs but that doesn’t mean children shouldn’t ever interact with
    them. There should be an adult there to make sure the baby and dog get well
    with each other otherwise the dog would be gone. With the bacteria
    comments. Well, go take your child and yourself and go live in a bubble.
    See how healthy you are when you come out. I’ll like to know the results
    please. 🙂 ?

  22. AGCGVlogs says:

    Unhygienic and dangerous for those babies having them next to dogs like
    that. – You shouldn’t have dogs in the house when babies/small children are
    there, that’s just stupid and thoughtless. ?

  23. Gary Basil Grant says:

    nice and cute, they say that dogs breath is good for humans…?

  24. allahu akbar says:

    the stupidity of some people… laughing at a dog dragging your baby with
    it’s teeth.?

  25. G Cuzza says:

    True hero ?

  26. TheKingraptor724 says:

    Those Taliban were hard scoping and they’re acting like they have skill. It
    is only impressive if they no scope or quick scope, so retarded. They are
    not shit if theyre hard scoping.?

  27. MrSmokingChimpanzee says:

    All the keyboard warriors saying he sucks, I’d like to see you doing what
    he did…?

  28. Miss101 says:

    I still don’t get how’s USA losing.They’ve got AC-130s, modern weaponary
    with 23 attachments, infrantry, air, water units, tanks and all that shit,
    yet they’re getting wrecked by some goatfucking farmers in dresses and
    ak47s top lel?

  29. Neil S says:

    All you dumb fucks that come on here to trash talk this hero’s actions, all
    I have to say is, instead of sitting behind your desk and criticizing him
    from your keyboard, pick up a God damned rifle and fight along side him if
    you think you could have done better. Otherwise, shut the fuck up and go
    back to playing your Call of Duty. Because we all know that’s what made you
    the expert…?

  30. Alpha HeLIx says:

    Give this man a fucking medal. He’s taking all the heat so his squad can
    safely move down the mountain. He’s a true hero in my book?

  31. MESH MIESTER says:

    Is this guy an Idiot??

  32. Rafael M Amarins says:

    This what happens when you cross the fucking world to mess with other
    countries business.
    Fucking US?

  33. John Cardenas says:

    Yikes! glad he made it out alright. I would had ran into the building wall
    ahead to take cover, but then again I don’t got training or experience in
    land combat.

    Is this brave soldier, Marine ? or United States Army??

  34. Evan Price-Ward says:

    US Soldier is shot several times by Taliban fire, miraculously survives
    even after his gun is shot from his hands.?

  35. Alex Mercer says:

    noob in battlefield 4?

  36. Jo Kommentaah says:

    maybe in stead of moving down use your scope to scout the area and shoot
    them. and don´t waste ammo like that, I know its supposed to make them
    think you shoot at them and make them go into cover but obviously that does
    not work with others than small children.?

  37. RushNReady says:

    this is not real at all?

  38. ViceVersa Musik says:

    What the hell was dude standing up period???? He was asking for it!?

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