[CUT] 7 ICONS at Slide Show

7ICONS Mezty, Natly and Pj at Slide Show LIVE on Trans TV 27 May 2014 Uploaded by @7ICONSonTV.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

3 Responses to “[CUT] 7 ICONS at Slide Show”

  1. Lee heem says:

    Yeee … 7 icons back again.
    to 7 icons do not be discouraged, even if you split up with my old manajmen
    you. Fixed exercise continues, keep practicing your vocals and talent in
    art, as if it could be grown, who knows your dream come true to go
    international. origin of you know, the Korean defense were looking for
    vocal group in Indonesia for the Asian festival, so try not discouraged …?

  2. Grez Angle says:

    Senang bangat liat 7 Icons kembali Tampil lagi…^_^?

  3. Dinda Anggraini says:

    ada yg lengkapnya gk min ? aku pingin ntn,?

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