Custom Illustrator Logo

Learn how to create custom shapes in Adobe Illustrator that can be used in logo design or graphic design. The shapes tool, warp tools, pen tool and other met…

como hacer un texto 3D en illustrator. Este video te ayudara a preparar tus efectos 3D en 1 minuto. How to make a 3D text effect with illustrator CS5 in 1 min.
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6 Responses to “Custom Illustrator Logo”

  1. Jessica Anquilo says:

    Yes you sound like peter griffin 🙂 and this was helpful thank you sir!?

  2. TeacherComputer says:

    Very well explained. I followed along and came up with some really coll
    designs of my own, Thanks TeacherComputer!

  3. José Cubas says:

    y la canción de fondo? cómo se llama ese reggae?????

  4. andres muñoz says:

    Jajaja en un minuto y el video dura 6 minutos EXCELENTE! jajaja (sarcasmo)

  5. José Cristiano says:

    Não conseguir ver nada kkk’

  6. manueLOCKO LANUZA says:

    huevos kulero

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