Custom Animation Services For Led

Custom Animation Services For Led
Capturing the attention of the people who drive by your business everyday should be a main goal for you. By doing this, you will help to grow your business and your profits. Having a sign that represents you come rain, shine or any weather is really a smart idea. It’s an excellent way to advertise your small business.

LED signs are proven to attract new business, and by adding animation to these signs it only increases their effectiveness. Yet, many small businesses do not have access to talent that can design custom animation sequences for these signs. An LED sign could be the perfect communicator of that small business feel to your customer or potential customer base.

“Companies that add an LED sign typically see an increase in business from 15% to 150%, according to the Small Business Administration,” said Kim Clark, Director of Marketing for Signs Plus. “Typically, sign animation is filled with clip art and standard graphics. While this type of advertising is effective, having a targeted design and message is exponentially better because it is specifically tailored to an individual business. When animations are personalized for a business it can attract customers even more because they’re seeing graphics directly relating to what the business is promoting.”

The combination of light, color and motion graphics commands the instant interest of customers and conveys information quickly. Animations can be up to 15 seconds long and produced in a variety of color display options: monochrome, red or amber grayscale or full color RGB. Some full color RGB mixing schemes can generate billions of colors to match branding objectives.

Animations can be used for advertising mediums such as video walls and billboards in addition to indoor and outdoor led signs for businesses like casinos, hotels, theaters, convention centers, car dealerships and sports stadiums. Stock animations are also available.

Custom neon signs use aluminum for giving attractive and bright look. These signs are especially made for people who prefer custom design for their business. The items used for making neon signs cost less than LED sign material. When the raw material is inexpensive then the final product will also be inexpensive. The bright color of these signs catches attention of people towards your store. These signs require less power for advertising.

LED signs get the attention of your customers. Without a sign, people are passing by your unnoticed business every single day. An LED sign can help you catch their attention and get them into the door, so that you can begin the selling process.

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